Cyberbullying – it’s in the news, on TV specials, and with bills being introduced across the country, it’s on legislators’ minds, too. The outright cruelty of online bullying provides an incessant stream of content for journalists to cover, research material for academicians, and data to examine. Cyberbullying gets a lotRead More →

Guest Post Social Networks and Security When people sign up for a social network website, one of the most important qualities they look for is security. It’s an expectation that is so basic it often comes unannounced. Social networks house the private information of millions of individuals–photos, conversations, and audioRead More →

If it's between 8am – 8pm EST on January 18, 2012, you won't even see this. Because I am blacking out Blog by Donna between these hours in protest against SOPA! You can check out this infographic to learn more about this asinine bill. We must NOT let this billRead More →

This infographic shows just how full the Internet is getting and poses the argument for curation and curators. I will say the numbers are staggering. via   Donna ChaffinsDonna is a Content Creator, Marketer, Brand Ambassador, Social Media Consultant, former teacher, wife, and proud mom. Blog by Donna encompasses allRead More →