Facebook: A Blessing in Disguise or a Curse in the Making?

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With hundreds of millions of people now registered on Facebook a large portion of the world’s population is now somehow related to the social giant. With the ever increasing rate of using Facebook these days, we are seeing social media connected to unsavory behavior crimes as well. This begs the question “is FB a blessing” or a “is it really a curse”?

So what’s behind the scene? Let’s dig in.

FB Linked to Crimes in Various Ways

A recent study has revealed that Facebook is being used to commit various sorts of crimes: both the cyber ones and those involving the real life. So that makes FB pretty much a villain, right?

But don’t be so quick to judge right away, as there is always room for improvement. While a sleeping pill (if taken optimally) can be a great way to get some decent sleep for the insomniacs, if taken too much then the same pill can be the perfect tool for suicide. So you see, while many people can find FB the perfect culprit for crimes happening in cyberspace but it’s not really Facebook’s fault. Still, it hurts to see if you ever see that your best friend’s nude picture comes flashing on the FB walls and all that but it is also true that such things can be minimized (if not totally eradicated) which will eventually take FB under the good spotlight once again.

The Largest Neighborhood Watch

However, Facebook has also being used as pretty much the largest neighborhood watch in the planet and this must be a good thing, right?

Truly it is, and it has been one of the very best advantages of social networking sites like Facebook where you could always add your neighbors and friends living nearby your home and they could always let you know through their status updates 24/7 what is happening all around you! Basically it is a very nice way to get to know what is happening in your neighborhood and you will certainly be one of the few first people to know if a robbery is taking place in the house next door!

What Now

While it’s true that everyday a lot of crimes are happening related or based on Facebook networking but it is also true that a lot of criminals are getting detected and punished justly as well. So we cannot really blame this great social networking site for the pathetically sick minded people who are using it but we can warn Facebook about these people. It’s up to us to make a difference and to help FB make a difference in the real world by reporting those who are potentially harmful. Just like the antivirus thing, quarantine the possible threats and eventually you will receive no threats at all!


Daniel Ward is a social media marketing fanatic and writes on behalf of Alpha Tree Marketing, a premier SEO and SMM agency for small business.