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Tim Tam Biscuits for Santa + 2 for $5 at Publix Deal

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: December 14, 2017 | Categories: Food

This post has been compensated by Pepperidge Farm. All opinions are mine alone.

Can you believe the holiday season is here? It is my favorite time of year. From Christmas songs to decorating the tree, to holiday gift shopping and eating all the wonderful goodies that are in abundance around the holidays… what’s not to love about Christmastime?

Tim Tam Biscuits buy 2 for $5 at Publix deal for the holidays

Speaking of eating, have you tried Tim Tam biscuits? The delectable, chocolaty, crunchy, creaminess of a Tim Tam is far more than a cookie, it’s this light chocolaty cream filling sandwiched between two malted biscuits and then coated with a chocolaty thin layer. The flavor is rich and the mixture of crunchiness and creaminess is perfection.

And if you want to make a good impression this year and get on Santa’s good list, I have it on good authority that Santa Claus loves Tim Tam.

Tim Tam 2 for $5 at Publix to leave out for Santa Claus

See, I know the jolly old fellow quite well and he tells me that a plate of Arnott’s Tim Tam biscuits in Original and Classic Dark with some milk left by the tree on Christmas Eve, is his favorite treat.

Tim Tam Biscuits 2 For $5 at Publix

It’s a good thing that you can get Tim Tam biscuits 2 for $5 from 12/23 – 1/5 at Publix. Check out the store locator to find where you can buy Tim Tam near you.

I couldn’t wait, so while I was at Publix the other day I picked some up in the specialty cookie aisle. I’ll definitely be stocking up on Tim Tam on 12/23. I sure wouldn’t want to disappoint Santa. I also like treating my family to delicious chocolaty treats like Tim Tam during the holidays, so this deal is perfect.

Tim Tam Biscuits for the holidays deal 2 for $5 at Publix

About Tim Tam

Tim Tam originated in Australia and is one of the most well-loved biscuits down under. I found how Tim Tam got its name to be interesting. Ross Arnott attended the 1958 Kentucky Derby where the winning horse was named, Tim Tam. He thought the winning horse’s name would be the perfect name for a new line of biscuits. And thus, the rest is history.

Buy 2 for $5 Tim Tam at Publix

I’m so glad that we can buy the Tim Tam here in America. Learn more about Tim Tam here, I know Santa is happy about it, too.

Arnott's Tim Tam Biscuits Buy 2 for $5 at Publix for the holidays for Santa

Don’t forget to stop by your local Publix to buy Tim Tam from 12/23 – 1/5.

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