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Ramp Up Your Winter Weight Loss With Turbo13

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: March 14, 2018 | Categories: Health and Fitness

This Turbo 13 post on how to ramp up your winter weight loss is sponsored by Nutrisystem. All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. I will only endorse companies, products and services that I believe, based on my own experiences, are worthy of endorsement.

So, the holiday feasting has passed, and the winter hibernations will soon come to a close. But what will emerge from this cocoon of indulgence? You may find that you can re-enter society with a rocking body ready for summer if you start a healthy weight loss program now.  Hit the ground running and shed up to 13 pounds in your first month* with Nutrisystem’s new Turbo13 weight loss program.

Ramp Up Your Winter Weight Loss With Turbo13

Ramp up your weight loss with Turbo13 from Nutrisystem

Turbo13 to the Weight Loss Rescue

Turbo13 can help you lose up to 13 pounds and a whopping 7 inches overall in your first month on the program.* The gimmick-free plan provides for a safe and effective weight loss without any counting, measuring, or even weigh-ins.

You even have an easy-to-follow plan to guide you on your journey to summer body.

NuMi® Mobile App

Plus, you have help with you at all times through the brand new Nutrisystem NuMi mobile app. This specially created app makes it easier and faster than ever to track how you are doing on your Turbo13 weight loss program.

But maybe you are worried that you will be a slow starter. After all, through the holidays and the cold weather you’ve not exactly been keeping up an exhaustive exercise program. Nutrisystem has the answer for that – The Turbo Takeoff kit.

The Turbo Takeoff Kit

The Turbo Takeoff kit is part of Turbo13, and it is designed to deliver fast weight loss results in your first week on the program.

This is precisely the type of thing I need to jumpstart my efforts after a prolonged hiatus, and I’m glad to see that Nutrisystem has thoughtfully provided this in the program.

The jumpstart kit includes a specially designed Nutrisystem breakfast, lunch, and dinner to maximize your weight loss efforts. The kit also comes with a NutriCurb® bar and a TurboShake™ (for women) or a Nutri-Pro™ shake (for men).

Ramp up your weight loss with Turbo13 from Nutrisystem

What Are Nutricurb bars?

I was curious about the Nutricurb® bars but was delighted in discovering the thought put into them. Each bar is formulated to help you combat the cravings we all sometimes experience.

My cravings tend to include a fondness for chocolate, so having the bars to munch on certainly helps.

The bars also contain advanced probiotics to help you shrink your belly. This starts to work from the inside, and having a healthy gut can relieve gas and make you look smaller even before you lose a lot of weight. Add to that some weight loss and you could be looking great before you know it.

That’s usually the way weight loss works with me – I go through a period of feeling like nothing is happening, and then suddenly I catch myself in the mirror and, wow. That is my happy moment.

What Are TurboShakes and Nutri-Pro Shakes?

The shakes are a way to provide needed nutrients for both men and women while making you feel satisfied. The Nutri-Pro™ shakes are specially formulated with men in mind to provide particular nutrients they need as they lose weight.

The TurboShakes™ for women are packed with protein and fiber to keep you healthy and feeling fuller longer. This feeling has helped me to avoid temptations, so hopefully, it could help you too.

What About the Food?

The perfectly proportioned meals are designed to be very easy to prepare so you won’t spend your time worrying about what to eat. In fact, you may find the convenience a huge time saver.

You can customize your menu with the foods you love as well. I do have some favorite foods, so I was glad to find out that I didn’t have to sacrifice while getting healthier.

The meals are balanced to keep you full and satisfied, and having a few favorites certainly helps with that.

Ramp up your weight loss with Turbo13 from Nutrisystem

Summer will be here before you know it, so you don’t want to wait until the last minute before you start a weight loss program.

With Turbo13 by Nutrisystem, you can get a huge jumpstart on where you want to be. You can improve your health as you get trim and fit, which sounds like a great thing to do. Hello Summer Party!

Sponsored by Nutrisystem

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