Best Social Networks for 2012 – The New Breed

Guest Post


Social networks are very much common on the Internet. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Myspace dominate the market with their huge customer base. But even after being a saturated market in the industry, many new social networks with unique features are emerging day by day.

Here is a list of the best 5 social networks that will be the new face of the internet social networking community in 2012.


Viadeo is purely a business professional network for professionals. It has now a user base of more than 35 million users and can work out as the perfect platform to leverage your career meeting up important contacts and maintaining a list of professional contacts. They also offer premium content with unlimited search features and the option to see who had viewed your profile.

The site is available in multiple languages and is worth checking out. – Microsoft launched their network of social network in recently. The site allows sharing via Bing feed and the unique feature of the site has been the video parties. It allows the sharing of videos online and discussing about it together.

Also allows the Facebook streaming of the content, which is to openly state that the social network means not to compete against Facebook.

If you have a Facebook account, you would not have any problem activating your Sod l account. Just do it. And it will not be a waste of time.

Chime .in revolves around subjects. When other social networks are revolving around the people and their profiles, is about the various topics like technology and science, with sub categories. It also has a feature of sharing the revenue generated online through ads from your profile. also has a unique bookmarking feature that is really a recommended feature for the internet users.


Mezee Chat is one of the fastest growing social networking giant with the unique feature of offering the private chat rooms. Anyone registered with the site has the options to begin a private chat room and share your content on the site. Another great feature that makes the site worth looking at is the fact that you need not have a friend list or huge follower line to get your content viral.

Everyone in the community can choose to discuss about your share, thus making it an easy way to market your products or services. They even allow you to chat with specific persons with specific relationship status. It is a site worth looking at.


Last but not the least, the new social networking rage cannot be ignored. Nothing has grown like Pinterest and the success of the site can be attributed to the new social networking experience the site has brought with it. The features like pin and re pin have worked wonders and this network is undoubtedly the fastest grown network in 2011. You can expect the site to continue with its success story in 2012 and 2013 too. If you do not have a Pinterest account, make sure you have one soon.

Written by Ludwing Hernandez, Seo Expert and Social Media Marketing.