So apparently it’s okay to scream…


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I have experienced a few…. frustrating situations this week. Now, it takes a lot to upset me. I don't annoy easily (well, I didn't use to, as I get older I find I do get annoyed a little easier). Yet, when it's frustration after frustration, I just want to pull my hair out.

Actually, I found out I want to scream. I just didn't know it. But thanks to my very wise 9-year-old son — screaming is theraputic.

The week started out fine, it was a great Monday. However, Tuesday and Wednesday…

… not so much.

It was several things, like an incident at the grocery store, a crazy driver on the highway, an email issue, AND, Facebook. Facebook is killin' me! I've been so frustrated with the whole "Promote" aspect of Facebook Pages. As anyone with a Facebook page knows — if you want your "fans" or "likers" to see what you post (share with them) on your page, and you want more than a very small percentage of said "likers" to see it… you have to click on the Promote button and pay. 

The reason this frustrates me so much is that these wonderful people (likers) did so because they wanted to see the posts on my Facebook page. Why else would they have "liked" my page???

As of this writing I had 4,453 likes (and I so appreciate each and every one you them), and out of this 4,453, on average only 7% will see my posts. That's 364 people out 4,453 will see it.


I found out Tuesday from a fellow blogger, that Facebook had defaulted everyone's email addresses on Facebook to the email. Say what?

So I had to go into my "About" page and hide the facebook email and select the email I chose to share as my contact email. Can you say, "Presumptuous?"

Okay, now to the screaming part. My son comes into my office and notices I'm frustrated. 

Cody: "What's wrong mommy?"

Me: "I'm just a little frustrated with Facebook."

Cody: "Just scream."

Me:  "What?"

Cody: "I heard or read somewhere that if you're stressed you can just scream. And you'll feel better."

Me: "Really?"

Cody: "It's what I heard." "Do you want me to scream with you?"

Me: "Sure."

And we screamed. Loudly. Then we laughed. Loudly.

He was right, it did help me feel less frustrated. Not sure if it was the screaming or the laughter, though, that helped.