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Hungry Girl Flatout FoldIt Flatbread – $50 Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway #FlatOutHot

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: February 11, 2013 | Categories: Giveaways
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Last week I shared a hot flatbread sandwich and a cold flatbread sandwich recipe with you, if you missed it be sure to check it out! You really must try the fish taco flatbread sandwich. #justsaying

Since discovering Hungry Girl Flatout FoldIt Flatbread, I am experimenting trying out new sandwich recipes.

I have some great news for my Blog by Donna readers… a $50 Walgreens gift card! Maybe you can grab some Hungry Girl Flatout Flatbread with it!

Open to U.S ONLY 18+ older.

Enter on the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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215 Responses to Hungry Girl Flatout FoldIt Flatbread – $50 Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway #FlatOutHot

  1. Mara Zamora says:

    Chicken parmesan garlic flatbread!

  2. tara s. says:

    A turkey & avocado & bacon sandwich

  3. Angie Brubeck says:

    I love turkey, cucumber, tomato and spouts on flatbread

  4. gerry davison says:

    i love bacon egg an cheese!!

  5. I’d love to make a steak sandwich!

  6. Nicole Copeland says:

    I would make a turkey, swiss, and bacon sandwich

  7. Keisha Johnson says:

    Anything with turkey!

  8. mary ellen ashenfelder says:

    tavern ham and swiss cheese

  9. Tyler B says:

    I’d make like a sausage egg and cheese wrap.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Just ham and cheese.

  11. alexandra martinez says:

    My favorite, ham and cheese

  12. Anika Hughes says:

    I’d make a roast beef sandwich.

  13. Cynthia R says:

    i’d make a chicken avocado ranch sandwich

  14. Crystal says:

    I’d probably do turkey w/ provolone!

  15. Deb K says:

    I would make,turkey,avocado and a little mustard!

  16. Ellie W says:

    I would make an Italian sandwich.

  17. Candice D. says:

    I would make a veggie sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mushrooms.

  18. Amanda Rauch says:

    I would put chicken, bacon, sprouts, mushrooms and blue cheese on it. Yummy!!

  19. Lisa Brown says:

    Avocado, chicken, and salsa folded sandwich.

  20. Roast beef, swiss horseradish sauce , lettuce, onion and red pepper.

  21. rebeka deleon says:

    Grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers and basil

  22. Holly Thomas says:

    Roast Beef, Swiss Cheese & Horseradish.

  23. Dawn Poole says:

    I make a BLT flatbread sandwich with garlic hummus and cheese……….yuummmmm!

  24. andrea says:

    I would love to make veggie pizzas on these

  25. Carmen S. says:

    I would cut up some grilled chicken, add some cheese, salsa and lettuce, so yummy!

  26. Elena says:

    Chicken Pesto Sandwich

  27. Joni Mason says:

    I would like to try s Philly Cheese sandwich using Hungry Girl Flatout FoldIt Flatbread.
    Thanks SO much for the giveaway!

  28. nichol tone says:

    Italian BMT

  29. Emily says:

    Turkey & cheese!

  30. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    ham and cheese

  31. Randy T. says:

    I would make a chicken Caesar salad wrap

  32. Cheryl Abdelnour says:


  33. Lucy Lopez says:

    I would make a Chicken Carver Sandwich Foldit.

  34. kaitlin says:

    Turkey cheese and tomato

  35. Vicky W says:

    Turkey, tomatoe, spinach, cheese

  36. Karen A. says:

    Chicken,spinach and feta

  37. Autumn Henry says:

    Cant go wrong with a turkey !!!!

  38. Lesley M. says:

    I love turkey, cucumber, tomato and spouts on flatbread

  39. Courtnie says:

    Ham and cheese! Mmm!

  40. Jennifer S says:

    Ham, turkey, swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce & ranch dressing.

  41. Sonya says:

    turkey, pepperjack cheese, lettuce & tomato

  42. kara says:

    Flatout® Thin Crust Flatbread
    Bualo Chicken Pizza

  43. Kelly D says:

    I would make an egg salad & tomato flatbread sandwich.

  44. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would make ham and cheese

  45. Jessie C. says:

    I’d make Chicken Carver Sandwich Foldit

  46. Elaine Lund says:

    Turkey and cucumber with a sprinkling of fresh grated parmesan

  47. Janice Cooper says:

    I would make a tuna sandwich or ham, turkey & cheese.

  48. Nataly Carbonell says:

    tuna and cotage cheese sandwich

  49. Mary Happymommy says:

    I’d make a tuna sandwich on flatbread.

  50. Tina M says:

    teriyaki chicken sandwich

  51. Wendy T says:

    Pepperoni and Mozzarella on Italian Herb for me.

  52. aimee says:

    tuna sandwich!

  53. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I would love to make the Chicken Carver Sandwich Foldit!

  54. Sylvia Zajis says:

    A Caprese sandwich with Mozarella, Tomato, and Basil

  55. Paula V says:

    I love to make homemade healthy pizza but you asked for sandwich so tuna salad sandwich.

  56. Jill says:

    I would make a turkey sandwich with avocado, lettuce, tomato and cheese

  57. Mom Blog says:

    I think I would try it with sloppy joes:)

  58. Wild Orchid says:

    I would make a turkey and cheese roll up sandwich on the 100% whole wheat variety.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  59. Seyma Shabbir says:

    A basil mozzarella wrap!

  60. Becky Richied says:

    I would make the most yummy italian sandwich

  61. pizza i think…maybe a blt…

  62. kris says:

    pizza sounds good

  63. kathy artis says:

    I would make steak with cheese, tomatoes & lettuce.

  64. Barbara Montag says:

    Grilled chicken with mushrooms and bell pepper – thank you.

  65. Wendy McBride says:

    Turkey, Lettuce, tomato,onion sandwich.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  66. Definitely hummus and veggies!

  67. mollie griffin says:

    I think I would make it into the classic BLT!

  68. Susan Christy says:

    Turkey, Avocado and Swiss – YUMMY

  69. Wendy Pogrant says:

    ham and cheese

  70. Sadie says:

    I would make a ham and swiss sandwich.

  71. Jamie Brigham says:

    I would make fried egg sandwiches.

  72. There are so many great ways to use flatout bread products. I would use it in a veggie sandwich 🙂

  73. Julie Cutshaw says:

    philly cheese steak wrap
    [email protected]

  74. michelle pickett says:

    a panini!

  75. Melissa O. says:

    Roasted veggie and Swiss! Mmmm

  76. Chelsea r says:

    Spinach tomato feta and turkey!

  77. Kathy S says:

    Ham and Cheese

  78. SJ Roragen says:

    Avocado BLT

  79. Amy Orvin says:

    ham and cheese

  80. Ellen B says:

    ham and swiss

  81. Allison Downes says:

    Turkey, chedder and tomato

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. Tabathia B says:

    I would make a BLT with mayo

  83. Terra Heck says:

    I’d make a cold cut sandwich with it made out of bologna, salami, ham and cheese. Thanks.

  84. amy guillaume linderman says:

    tuna melts

  85. Tiffany F says:

    I would make a turkey & swiss with lettuce and cucumbers

  86. Joy says:

    Basil and mozzarella

  87. Chasity Boatman says:

    Tuna melts

  88. Lori Hoffman says:

    Roast beef … yum!!

  89. Melanie Rhodes says:

    Corned Beef

  90. Violet Lyford says:

    Chicken with lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cilantro and onions.

  91. Kim says:

    Turkey club wrap

  92. Nicole Sender says:

    I’d make rotisserie chicken with avocado and tomato sandwich!

  93. Kayte CookWatts says:

    Spicy hummus & avocado!

  94. Cream cheese and alfalfa.

  95. Paol Trenny says:

    I would make a grilled lobster sandwich —– Pauline aka Paol Trenny ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  96. stephanie says:

    ham and swiss cheese

  97. Doris Gardner says:

    Ham n Cheese

  98. Ann says:

    Chicken salad

  99. susan quackenbush says:

    I would make a Veggie Hungry Girl Flatout FoldIt Flatbread!

  100. Peggy Greco says:

    Probably ham and swiss cheese !

  101. Brooke Williamson says:

    Turkey bacon, egg, & cheese!

  102. Louis says:

    I’d make a pastrami and swiss melt
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  103. Joseph Susa says:

    thanks you so much for this contest

  104. Kiara says:

    Ham and cheese.

  105. Ann Fantom says:

    I would like to make a BLT using Hungry Girl Foldit Flatbread

  106. Cynthia C says:

    I’d make a chicken and spinach pannini

  107. Mary Casper says:

    any kind of chicken with lettuce and tomato

  108. Emily says:

    I’d make a cheese and chicken.

  109. Adrienne gordon says:

    turkey, avocado and cheese

  110. debbie says:

    curried chicken salad sandwich

  111. Tari Lawson says:

    I will make a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

  112. Gloria S says:

    I would make a BLT

  113. robyn paris says:

    i would make egg salad

  114. Margaret Smith says:

    I’d like to make a tuna salad with lettuce

  115. Jay P says:

    Turkey Club

  116. April Brenay says:

    a yummy BLT

  117. Lori Walker says:

    I’d make a turkey and hummus sandwich.

  118. Suzanne K says:

    grilled ham and cheese

  119. Jason Crooks says:

    Grilled bacon, ham, tomato, and cheese

  120. Mary Calabrese says:

    I’d make a flatout pizza with pepperoni and cheeses

  121. Robin says:

    I would make a ham and cheese

  122. Nicole L. says:

    I would make a spicy chicken wrap.

  123. Daniel M says:

    just a ham & cheese

  124. Serge B says:

    Turkey. bacon and swiss cheese!

  125. Susan Smith says:

    I would make a turkey & swiss with lettuce and mustard

  126. Jennifer Reed says:

    I would make a pesto, portabella,tomato, and feta flatbread sandwich.

  127. Christine says:

    a steak sandwich

  128. Tamar says:

    I would like to make a pizza out of it.

  129. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    I would make an egg, cheese, and spinach roll up.

  130. joni says:

    Philly Cheese steak

  131. James Beck says:

    steak sandwich

  132. Rebecca Graham says:

    I would make a turkey and cheese.

  133. Amanda Kinder says:

    Turkey wraps

  134. Alicia says:

    Chicken salad with swiss cheese.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  135. Leslie L. Stanziani says:

    I would make a swiss and roast beef roll up.

  136. Deb C says:

    I would make a Chicken, Bacon and Avocado sandwich with Flatout.

  137. Hesper Fry says:

    Hot Ham and Cheese sandwich with the Flatbread

  138. Sarah says:

    I bet they would be delicious with hummus and roasted veggies

  139. jules mcnubbin says:

    i’d make a turkey roll up for lunch

  140. Paula Tavernie says:

    A Tuna Salad Sandwich!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  141. I like to make pizza with these. Also ham and cheese.

  142. carol says:

    I would make a ham and cheese

  143. Jennifer Paige says:

    baked chicken, lettuce and cheese

  144. Cálaeb Temple says:

    chicken garlic aioli.

  145. susan smoaks says:

    i would make a ham and cheese sandwich

  146. Melissa JN says:

    I would make a turkey, bacon & avocado wrap!

  147. Jill Myrick says:

    I would make a chicken cucumber ranch with baby spinach wrap.


  148. Katherine says:

    Hot Ham and cheese

  149. Jaque R. says:

    I would make a lettuce, tomato, cucumber, chive and spicy horseradish sandwich. 🙂 Thank you.

  150. Brittney House says:

    Ham and swiss cheese

  151. Crystal F says:

    I would make a peanut butter and banana sandwhich with it. Thank you!

  152. Geoff K says:

    I’d make a healthy turkey wrap with lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers.

  153. denise says:

    Ham and cheese

  154. Kristen says:

    I’d make a veggie sandwich.

  155. Gaye M says:

    I’d make a tuna salad wrap.

  156. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    egg and ham and cheese fold
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  157. Sonya says:

    Ham and cheese with lots of veggies!

  158. Breanne says:

    Ham and cheese

  159. Emilie C says:

    A chicken and avocado sandwich :))

  160. Cris Henry says:

    Turkey with provolone!!!!

  161. Randy T. says:

    Turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato

  162. harolde says:

    A fried egg and ham sandwich!

  163. Brittany Sauer says:

    Anything with cheese!

  164. Sarah L says:

    Tuna salad sandwich.
    Thanks for the contest.

  165. Erica C. says:

    Bacon, egg, and cheese would be good.

  166. Rachael says:

    I would totally use the flatbread to make a turkey and provolone sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes!! =) *YUM*

  167. Amanda L. says:

    I would make a turkey and ham wrap.

  168. Kathleen S. says:

    Turkey with avocad, yumm!

  169. Rosey says:

    I would make a southwest turkey sandwich.

  170. John Hutchens says:


  171. Ham and Turkey sounds good, then all the fixings.

  172. brandy c says:

    I’d make an avocado, hummus, greens, and onion sandwich!

  173. amy delong says:

    ham and cheese

  174. Mya Murphy says:

    Black Forest ham sounds good right now.

  175. Robert Pyszk says:

    Corned beef and sauerkraut 🙂

  176. Lisa Garner says:

    I would make my favorite honey ham and swiss cheese!

  177. Aubrey says:

    I would make a roast beef sandwich

  178. Diane W says:

    I would make turkey swiss cheese pickle lettuce and tomato

  179. Sharold says:

    Turkey and vegies

  180. estella miller says:

    I would make a delicious turkey club!

  181. Joy F says:

    Turkey and cheese with lettuce and tomato

  182. Terry Cross says:

    Ham & cheese

  183. KIM H says:

    I would make a chicken wrap

  184. Tarah says:

    Ham & Cheese with avocado spread

  185. Michelle W says:

    Grilled tomato and cheese

  186. amber says:

    i’d make a toasted italian sandwich w/ provolone

  187. AEKZ2 says:

    Turkey and cheese

  188. Kim W says:

    I would make a classic ham and cheese

  189. Denise Donaldson says:

    I would make a pizza sandwich

  190. Shannon says:

    veggies and avocado

  191. dani marie says:

    i would make blt or a ham and swiss.

  192. Rachel Ellis says:

    Chicken, provolone and grilled onion.

  193. S. Whittle says:

    An Italian Sandwich.

  194. Debbie R says:

    Turkey, swiss cheese and sweet peppers is what I would put on my Hungry Girl Flatout fold it.

  195. Rebecca Orr says:

    I would make a grilled pesto chicken, tomatoe, and mozzarella wrap. Yummy!!

  196. Cheryl S says:

    Sun dried tomatoes, spinach and fresh mozzarella grilled with a little olive oil and garlic.

  197. Victoria Danielle says:

    Something with avacado 😀

  198. Katelyn McKim says:

    I would make a steak veggies up cheesy sandwich 😉

  199. Tiffany M says:

    Chicken, spinach and green peppers.

  200. Kari says:

    Homemade chicken salad sandwich

  201. amanda says:

    Just plain old turkey!

  202. debbie campbell says:

    turkey and avocado

  203. Vikki Billings says:

    I would make a turkey, lettuce, bacon and tomato sandwich

  204. Michelle Tucker says:

    I’d make a California club.

  205. sheryl cullum says:

    Turkey,roastbeef ,ham and swiss

  206. jay purvis says:

    smoked turkey,honey ham,sweet hot mustard, tomato!!!!!!!

  207. Bryan E. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…Turkey Breast, Swiss Cheese, & Spinach !

  208. Michelle H. says:

    I would probably make something similar to Taco Bell’s Chalupas.

  209. Connie T says:

    BLT with Avocado

  210. Dijah A says:

    I would probably make a chicken salad sandwich. They’re my favorite

  211. Kyl Neusch says:

    ham and swiss cheese

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