Flatbread Fish Tacos

We love sandwiches in our home. Especially my husband. It’s because it’s something he feels comfortable preparing himself. And he loves making paninis. Seriously, it’s become an obsession with him. His favorite kitchen appliance is our Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press.

I think he would make paninis and sandwiches every day, if he could. Hey, who am I to complain? He’s making meals for me. And on the mornings that I have to be at my son’s school or have an early appointment… I know he can make his own breakfast. As long as I make sure there’s FoldIt Flatout Bread and he has his Panini/Sandwich press, the man is golden.

FoldIt Flatout Bread make great sammies for my son’s lunch, too.

Walgreens and #flatout Hungry Girl FoldIt Flatbread

Hungry Girl Flatout FoldIt Flatbread
This wasn’t the Walgreen’s shopping trip the day before the ice storm… this was this past weekend, and they only had 3 packages of flatbread left. I’m going to have to start hoarding the #flatout flatbread. 🙂

I don’t advice stopping for Hungry Girl Flatout bread the day before a predicted ice storm, though. Luckily that day there was one package left. Shew, that was close.

Speaking of sandwiches — I made two delicious ones recently. For lunch, I’m usually looking for something quick. Quick, doesn’t mean fast food or unhealthy, though. I ended up making a cold Tuna Flatout flatbread sandwich.

flatout hungry girl foldit flatbread

Tuna sandwich recipe
Ingredients for Tuna #flatout Flatbread cold sandwich
Dice cucumber and tomato for Tuna #flatout Flatbread Sandwich
Dice cucumber and tomato for Tuna #flatout Flatbread Sandwich
Mix diced tomato and cucumber into tuna
#flatout hungry girl flatbread
Spoon tuna onto #flatout FoldIt Flatbread and top with red onion and spinach leaves… Enjoy!

Cold Tuna Flatout Flatbread Sandwich


  • 1 Can/Package Tuna (packed in water)
  • 1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 – 1 Small Cucumber
  • 1 Small Tomato
  • Salt/Pepper to taste


  • Sliced red onion
  • Spinach, lettuce, or spring mix.

6 Hungry Girl FoldIt Flatout Flatbread

Servings: 6


  • Empty tuna into bowl.
  • Dice/cube cucumber and tomato.
  • Mix cucumber and tomato into tuna.
  • Mix in Greek yogurt until incorporated into tuna.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • Spoon tuna onto the FoldIt Flatout flatbread and top with red onion and spinach leaves.

This sandwich is quick, easy and healthy, with approximately 140 calories a serving.

Then for dinner I wanted to make a hot sandwich. I thought out of the box for this recipe, because I didn’t want just any hot sandwich. One of my favorite foods, ever, is fish tacos. Love ’em! This got me to thinking that I could make a fish taco Flatout flatbread sandwich.

Why not?

I’m so glad I tried this, because it is so good!


fish taco recipe
Fish taco marinade ingredients…
fish taco recipe
Tilapia marinating


fish taco recipe
Fish taco filling for Flatout flatbread
fish taco recipe
Shred cabbage and marinate in white wine vinegar
fish taco recipe
Pico de Gallo – tomato, onion, jalapeno, fresh cilantro, and lime juice
fish taco recipe
Spoon fish, cheese, pico de gallo, and cabbage onto #Flatout flatbread
fish taco recipe
Ready to put in the Panini or Sandwich Press



fish taco recipe
Time to finish off the hot #flatout flatbread sandwich… Press time
fish taco sandwich
Fish Taco #Flatout Flatbread Hot Sandwich

Fish Taco Flatout Flatbread Hot Sandwich


  • 1 pound white flaky fish (like tilapia or cod, etc)
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1 1/2 tsp. Hot Mexican-Style chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp. ground cumin
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
  • Juice from one lime
  • 1 jalapeno pepper (optional)
  • salt/pepper to taste


  • 2 cups cabbage – shredded
  • 1 cup white wine vinegar
  • Shredded Mexican cheese or Monterrey Jack
  • Pico de gallo (make your own or store bought)

6 Hungry Girl FoldIt Flatout Wheat Flatbread


  • Cut up fish and place in bowl.
  • Mix olive oil, chili powder, cumin cilantro, and lime. (Because my son doesn’t like foods too hot, I skipped the jalapeno pepper).
  • Pour over fish and marinade at least 20 minutes, or up to 24 hours.
  • Spoon fish onto flatout flatbread.
  • Add a little cheese, pico de gallo, and cabbage.
  • Fold over and place on panini or sandwich press. Close lid and set timer for 2 minutes.

Serves 6.

This is another healthy, low calorie meal at 200 calories a sandwich. You can make this fish taco sandwich with your own favorite fish taco recipe if you want. And who says a fish taco can’t be on flatbread? Not me!


  1. Ooh, fish tacos – that is right up my alley! I love ordering those at the mexican restaurants here in Texas. Thanks to your great pictures, now I can make them at home:)

    Bobbie Anne

  2. I love a good fish or shrimp taco and this looks easy.

  3. oh my! that looks so good! im a sucker for sandwich, grilled sandwich really! I need to make a run to Walgreens soon!

  4. Thank you for the recipes. I love the step by step pictures.

  5. I’ll pass on the fish taco (that’s a trend that hasn’t hit my part of Canada yet, lol) but that FlatOut looks great!

    1. Author

      Oh Sheri, you really don’t know what your missing. And I felt the same way the first time I heard the words, “fish taco”… I finally decided to give it a try, and as I said in my post, it’s now my favorite thing to eat. 🙂

  6. I have never seen this brand of flat out bread before but do use another brand just like it–probably not as tasty. I also do not have a panini press-however if you stick the flat bread in the oven on on top of your griddle to heat it up–then stick in whatever you feel like–then press down–well–it works!

  7. I will have to try this Flat Out bread. Always looking for new things that I haven’t tried before that are healthy and low in calories. You did a beautiful job with this post. Thanks for the great new recipes to try out.

  8. This all looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing. I am going to get some of those flatouts.

  9. Love fish tacos! Thanks for sharing!

  10. These look amazing, I have never even had a fish taco, I think it is about time I do though.

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  14. The tuna one sounds really good, but I don’t think that I could do the second one. I do LOVE Hungry Girl’s Flat Out bread though!

    1. Author

      Do you not like fish tacos? I’m trying to convert all the non-fish taco people! lol.

  15. Have you ever counted the calories on these?

  16. Oh wow! Those look yummy! I love Flat out!

  17. I’m not a fish person but I would definitely substitute this for chicken and it would be great. I love the toppings and ingredients

  18. I love switching up my sandwiches between hot and cold varieties!

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    Carol L

  25. My family loves fish tacos. Thanks for sharing a really yummy looking variation! I’ve got a coupon for this Flatbread, so I’m definitely going to buy some!

  26. ooh,your recipes look so good! i haven’t tried these yet but have been wanting to. i love pita bread but hate that they are always falling apart.these seem similar but without the crumbly mess.i will definitely be picking some up!and probably copying your recipes! that tuna salad is calling my name!

  27. o my those look soooo good! i have never used flat bread before, but seeing how yummy those turned out its making me want to try it out! i am not good in the kitchen so i have never tried anything out of the box i usually just stick with bread when making sandwiches.. but i think i really wanna try flat bread out now that i seen those yummy pictures and the recipes seem really do able and easy!

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  32. Oh my goodness! This looks absolutely amazing. I have just recently started learning and making wraps so now it’s on to flat breads and other sandwiches. I was really intimidated about the flatbread but this recipe seems to be on point and I would love to try this for memorial day. Thank you for doing this awesome recipe.

  33. I’ve never tried flatbread – I’ll have to do that soon!

  34. I love sandwiches too! Oh mouth-watering recipes! haha

  35. My hubby eats sandwiches for lunch every day. I offer to send something he can heat up and he refuses. I am not a fish eater, but he loves them. I don’t have a panini press, but we have a George Foreman and I think that I could use it and get basically the same results. They both look great and I will look for the bread when I am in Walgreens! Thanks for sharing.

  36. I was just checking out the FoldIt Flatout Hungry Girl flatbread in the store yesterday. I wish I had bought it now after seeing your recipe.

  37. This is great! I have been looking for a simple recipe with food I can actually eat. I can’t wait to try it.

  38. Those are interesting sandwich ideas. I’m sure pretty much any filling you like could be used.

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    Thanks for the Post, Picture, and the Recipe!

  40. Looks very delicious and healthy, can’t wait to try this recipe out!!

  41. This sounds really good, I will save it for my husband. Thank you for sharing.

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