How to Childproof Your House with this Ultimate Childproofing Guide #childproofing

We are over the childproofing stage in our home, well for the most part anyway. I know however, that many of my readers still have babies getting ready to crawl, already crawling, and toddlers and pre-schoolers in their homes.

This extensive childproofing guide covers all the bases and more in an easy to follow infographic. Something as simple as keeping chairs or stools away from counters because little kids will use them to climb onto the counter… where there could be things that are dangerous to your child. Not to mention the chance of falling off.

This was something my son was fond of doing, and I never even thought about keeping the stools away from the counters.

This ultimate childproofing guide has everything covered on how to childproof your house…

The Ultimate Childproofing Guide

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information! I have a very curious and fast moving 2 year old grandson and I want to take every safety measure I can!

  2. Love this infographic. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is so very important to do and you’d be surprised where dangers are lurking!!

  4. This is just what I need. My little guy is in that in between crawling and walking stage and is started to get into everything. Just yesterday he got into the glass dishes. /0: so thanks, I need to now start prepping my house!

  5. I mostly used watching my daughter like a hawk those 1st few years. So she knows what not to touch or mommy freaks…lol

  6. I think I need padded walls too. lol

  7. I’ll be passing this on to my sister to make sure she has all bases covered, especially since my nephew is only a few weeks away from walking!

  8. Great graphic. We’re past the child proofing stage but this is great information none the less

  9. Thanks for sharing. I have a 15 month old at home and she is into EVERYTHING. We can keep her out of most rooms by keeping the door closed but I know what soon that will be a challenge as well. I will keep this bookmarked !!!

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