The Goose is Getting Fat, Shame Your Wallet Isn’t

As we say goodbye to Halloween, we look towards Christmas and the problem with this festive wonderful winter time of year is that it can cost a fortune. It’s not just the presents… it’s the food, the decorations, and yes the gifts. There seems to always be something or someone to buy for around Christmas, to the point where it’s impossible to avoid the bills mounting up. How do you handle it?

Well, you might be pleased to hear that we’ve got some way to deal with the bills during Santa’s busiest time of year.

How to not over spend and save on your bills during the holidays

Cool Christmas Decorations On The Cheap

One of the first costs of Christmas to contend with is decorating. It can cost a lot and let’s start with decorating the outside of the home. That means buying lights for the roof, the walls of your home and perhaps even a few figurines for the garden. Every year you say you’re not going to buy too much and every year you go overboard.

Of course, the cost of the lights is nothing compared to the cost of the energy they use. So, let’s cut down the expense right away by making sure that you get lights and decorations that use LEDs.

They use a fraction of the energy of typical bulbs and will keep the cost of lighting your home as low as possible. If you want to take things one step further, you can avoid the lights completely.

Instead, try using the new projector systems for outside the home. With this tech, you can project the wonderful symbols of Christmas on your home and ensure that it looks festive without a massive bill.

Indoors, you may want to try and create your own Christmas decorations with some good old-fashioned DIY. Alternatively, you can use vouchers or a Shutterfly coupon to get money for personalised Christmas decorations that are going to look fantastic on your tree and show what Christmas is all about, family.

Save on bills this Christmas season

Getting The Presents You Need

It’s November, and that should mean one thing to shoppers, Black Friday deals! Most of the items on the wish lists of your kids and your partner are going to drop through the floor at this time of year and ensure that the bill isn’t as long as the list.

You just have to nowhere to buy from. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty on the streets and in aisles of stores, you should think about starting on sites like Amazon. Here you’ll find daily deals, and you’re sure to stumble across a few great presents. We’re not suggesting that you’ll find the Xbox One X at half price, but it will certainly make filling stockings easier and cheaper.

Check Prices

Finally, you need to make sure that when you are buying Christmas presents that you compare prices. There are so many places to buy from it only makes sense to check out a few different stores. In particularly pay attention to private stores on eBay as you can often find great deals on items and products popular around Christmas right here.

We hope this helps you deal with the costs of Christmas, even if your wallet is looking a little thin this year.