Health is Wealth: Careers for Those Who Care

A career in healthcare is an excellent opportunity to earn a lot of money while genuinely helping people. If your current job has you feeling unfulfilled, switching to a job where you’re making people better will give you the job satisfaction you crave. Careers in the health industry can range from entry level all the way to top paying professionals like surgeons and specialists, so no matter how old you are or how far up the ladder you want to go, there’s a profession for you.

Here are a few ideas…

Careers for Those Who Care

Careers in health care


Working in the medical field gives you a first-hand opportunity to help people heal from illness and injuries. It could include everything from paramedics and air ambulance crew, to physiotherapists, midwives, dentists, dermatologists and so much more.

The careers that are higher up the ladder take years of training, but it’s not impossible to make the switch later in life. But you do have to be prepared to study hard and start from the bottom.

There are lots of different routes you could take just in nursing alone. You could become a general nurse, here you will be working in a hospital on various wards dealing with sick people. Alternatively, you could specialise, for example, you could become a paediatric nurse working with children or work with those with disabilities.

You could go into mental health, working on places like dementia wards, dealing with sectionings and out in the community.  As well as working under a psychologist or psychiatrist, you will be doing some general nursing duties like vital signs, liaising with patients and their families and giving out medication.

The higher up careers on the mental health career ladder (like psychologists and psychiatrists) can take many years to study for. However, they are fantastic careers to aim for if you’re at the start of your career and interested in mental health.

Care Work

Care work is as the name implies, it’s less medical than the careers above, but you still get to help people often through long-term illness, mental illness and disability. You will be involved in washing, feeding, dressing and other personal care of individuals, most often in nursing homes.

You don’t usually need any experience to get started in care, but there’s a chance to advance your career. With further study, you can gain qualifications into things like breathing and ventilation, bls certification for CPR and other more medical aspects of the job. It’s a good place to get your foot on the ladder if you don’t want to start your career with years of study.

Medical Billing

Medical billing is a payment practice which involves a health care provider submitting and following up on claims made to health insurance companies to receive payment. It usually involves things like treatments, x-rays, investigations and surgeries as well as other expenses.

It doesn’t cost too much to set up your own medical billing company so is useful for those wanting to get started in the health industry without a lot of money. Since its the more admin side of medicine, you don’t need any medical qualifications since you won’t be treating patients.

Social and Community Care Work

If you want a job that’s not restricted to a formal workplace and instead prefer to be out and about, there are lots of medical jobs within the community. Community nurses, health visitors, community care workers and others all go out to visit patients in their homes. These kinds of workers are useful as they can make sure people are integrating well into society. It also means people have access to the help that they need, vital for those who would struggle to get to a doctor or hospital on a regular basis.

Alternative Therapies

The alternative medicine and treatment niches are booming in healthcare. More people than ever are turning to non-conventional products and treatments to either supplement their official treatment or to try something other than powerful drugs. Alternative therapies are scientifically proven to be effective, they’re not just ‘witch doctoring.’ Acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage therapy, chiropractor are all examples of the kinds of alternative treatments out there.

These have been shown to be extremely helpful to people with painful conditions and can be used alongside traditional medical procedures, or as the sole source of pain relief. Instead of upping pain medication, for example, people are able to try something like this which won’t have adverse side effects.

Do your research into the kinds of alternative therapies out there and work out which would suit you best. an excellent way to help people and make a dramatic difference in their lives, while going in a slightly different route in the healthcare industry.

There are plenty of safe and legitimate places to buy Chinese herbal medicines, you could then resell for a profit. No medical knowledge is needed, just make sure everything is labelled correctly and follows regulations. For example, you can’t make unrealistic claims on these kinds of products such as hailing them miracle cures.

Sell Medical Books

College and university textbooks are expensive, there’s no denying that. So if you wanted to start a business within health but without being a health professional, this is one option. You could source second-hand textbooks and then sell them on for a profit. This would earn you money and still be helping students since the prices will be less than buying them new. You could sell online, or take it a step further and rent a physical store close to a college or university in your city.

careers for those who care

Health Blogging

A blog can definitely become a business within itself, and there’s some good earning potential if you do well. The best thing is all that you need to start is computer and an internet connection, which most people, of course, have already.

It goes without saying that you need passion and knowledge of health and wellness to pull it off and make you excited about dedicating your time to it. When you research and write up blog posts, you will be providing people with a valuable source of information.

Over time your blog is likely to attract sponsors who are companies which will pay you to advertise on your site. You could also try things like affiliate marketing and display ads from Google Adsense in your sidebar.