You Look Mahvelous!

You have the most amazing smile. My how handsome you are. I love that dress on you! Any of these compliments could/can make someone's day. AND, today is the day to say them. Happy Say Something Nice Day!

Okay, every day shoud be "say something nice" day. But today is officially Say Something Nice Day. It's a day to go out of your way to tell someone something that will make their day. I know a compliment out of the blue can really make my day. 

I say something nice to my son and husband, every day. I also pay compliments to family and close friends all the time. But I will make an effort to say something nice to someone today that I may not have otherwise. It's like paying it forward. If you say something nice to someone, it will put them in a better mood and they may say something nice to someone. And so on, and so on.

Oh, and you don't have to wait to do it in person. Say something nice to someone on Facebook or Twitter, for exampe.  Just do it.

So, at least once today, say something nice to someone. Maybe even pay a compliment to a total stranger. I bet you'll feel good and I guarantee you, it will make their day. Who knows, maybe we can make it a habit and say something nice to someone… every day. 


  1. You’re awesome!

    *What do I win?

  2. Steven – you win the best comment of the day award. 🙂 You’re awesome, too!

  3. Now this is a day everyone should know about! I love making people smile by being nice to them! 🙂

  4. Alison – me too! I think this world could do with a little (okay, a lot) more "niceness". 🙂

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