ReVabs Day One… A New Beginning

REVABS LogoOn Saturday, I shared with you the new adventure I was getting ready to embark on, the ReVabs 90-Day fitness challenge, from BeachBody and Brett Hoebel.

Well, I did it. I made it through the first workout. That's not completely true. I'd forgotten that I was suppose to do a fitness test on day one. Then again on day 45 and finally on day 90 — to gauge my endurance and strength growth. It took approximately 25 minutes for Greg and I to complete the fitness test, which proved what I already knew… I'm out of shape!

After the fitness test we did the 45 minute "Total Strength" workout. And just as the name implies it is a total body strength workout with cardio intervals. You then finish your workout with a 15 minute "Mercy Abs". I had to stop about 7 minutes in. It is so aptly named because, Lord have mercy, my abs were screaming, "STOP". And I listened.

You have to understand, I spend a huge part of my days sitting at the computer, working. Working out for over an hour this morning left my body shaking. But after taking a shower and eating breakfast, I found that I've had more energy today than I've had in a long time. 

The most difficult part of the ReVabs challenge for me is the nutrition part. Because for the first 14 days I cannot have any carbs or starches. It's called the "Jump Start" part of the 90-Day challenge. To optimize fat burning, you eliminate sugars and starches (just for the 14 days). This forces your body to use fat for fuel.

Brett also recommends eliminating dairy for this phase. He finds it helps improve digestion, reduces bloating, and clears skin. He says after the 14 days, most people in his test group never went back to dairy. Eggs are allowed, just no milk, yogurt, and cheese. You can eat all dairy again if you choose, after the 2-week jump start is over. I've also chosen to eliminate all salt, during this time.

They claim that after the jump start is completed, it will all be worth it. We'll see.

The menu and food guide has a lot of yummy foods/recipes that you can eat. Here's what our menu consisted of today:

  • Breakfast – Omelette (one egg and 2 egg whites) with steamed mushrooms and spinach, 3 strips of turkey bacon, and 3 slices of tomatoes, for breakfast. 
  • Snack -2 oz. lean thin deli sliced turkey wrapped around cucumber spears.
  • Lunch – Spicy Black Bean Burger on a bed of salad greens and red onions, topped with black beans and cucumber spears.
  • Snack – Chocolate Shakeology with one Tbsp. natural peanut butter.
  • Dinner – Country Dijon Pork Chops, steamed carrots and broccoli, and a salad (greens, red onions, and plum tomatoes) with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Yes, I miss bread. I LOVE bread. But I can go 2-weeks without it. Honestly, everything I ate today was colorful and flavorful. And quite yummy. 

Today is a new beginning. A fresh start. The first step in taking my life back. As I said Saturday, I will put up my before pictures, which for the record, was so devastating to me. I can't even look at the pictures, yet. Not until I lose some weight and inches. My ultimate goal is to lose 40 lbs. but I HAVE to lose 25 lbs.  And yes, I'll share my beginning weight and measurements, too. If not in 45 days, definitely in 90 days… just can't do it now.

I'll periodically let you know how I'm progressing. As I said Saturday, I could really use any words of encouragement, tips, and cheering me on, you can give me. I'll need it!

Remember, you can win the ReVabs 90-day system, just go to my giveaway and enter!