Work from Home – How to Make it Work with Kids

Are your kids the reason you started working from home or want to work from home? The reason you decided that making a living at home just made more sense when compared with the rising cost of daycare service. All parents agree on one thing: we are the best choice when thinking about who is going to care of our children.

Now that you are the lucky parent who is able to start a work at home business and earn a living from the comfort of your own home while being a part of your children’s upbringing, the question is, how do you work from home successfully with kids running around?

Work from home with kids

Here are some tips on how to work from home with kids:

Set a Strict Daily Work Schedule

Having a strict daily work schedule will assist in you staying focused during work hours and enjoying your kids during non-working hours. Create a work at home schedule that won’t conflict with your kids needs and write it on a white erase board to hang in a family area where the kids can see that you are working. Set boundaries with your kids from day one so that they know not to disturb you unless absolutely necessary during working hours. Buy a planner so you can write down appointments, a daily to-do list, etc.

Set Aside Time to Interact with your Kids

Keeping a balance between parenthood and work at home is the key to being successful in working from home with kids. Your kids simply want to know that they have your attention and that their needs are being met, if find a happy balance that works for your work at home environment where you are getting work done and giving your kids the attention they desire; you will be successful in working from home with kids.

Even just twenty minutes of your time throughout the day as a mini-break for kid only time will help keep your kids in a positive mood and in turn allow for your working hours to be more productive.

Utilize your Resources to Keep Kids Occupied

There is nothing wrong with teaching your kids the skill of self-soothing and self-entertaining, this helps them become more independent individuals. Stock up on age appropriate craft supplies, tablets and other electronics and books.

Next to your strict daily work schedule that you placed up for the kids to see, have a kids schedule so that your kids can start to learn time management skills and know what to expect throughout their day. Designate certain times for electronics, reading and craft time in ways that allow them to be slightly in charge of their kid time part of the day.

The biggest tip for how to work from home with kids is this: keep a balance between the times you spend focused on work at home and giving your kids attention. If you learn time management skills that balance the day out in ways that all of you are having your needs met, you are one step closer to your work at home financial success and less headaches.

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  1. These are great suggestions for the work at home mom. Thank you so much for sharing this information

  2. Thank you for sharing this article with us, so many parents are working from home now.

  3. Thanks, This post is defiantly what i needed to read. Sometimes its so hard but always rewarding.

  4. I’m not a parent yet but I’m working online. I can pretty much relate to this! Thanks for this!

  5. I have been noticing more women (and even men!) making a go of it at home while their children are young. I think it’s great, but I can only imagine how difficult it can be sometimes. So Thank you for this insightful and encouraging post.

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