20 Ways You Can Save $600 This Year

Is there a place in your budget that can use a little help?  Most of us have weak spots or areas that we just don’t see as an issue.  If you feel like you need to save a little bit more, here are some tips to help you save $600 this year!

20 ways you can save $600 this year

20 Ways to Save $600 This Year

Curb Those Coffee Trips

How much do you spend on your daily latte?  $3.00? $5.00?  If you are doing this 5 days per week, this is a huge expense throughout the month (up to $100 per month!).  Make your own coffee at home and save up to $1000 or more this year.

Streamline Your Entertainment

Many people spend $100+ per month on satellite and/or cable.  Instead of paying this, you can sign up for Netflix at $8 per month and have thousands of movies and TV shows to watch. Do you have Amazon Prime?  Amazon also has a great selection of movies and shows to stream. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trialir?t=wwwdonnachaff 20&l=pf4&o=1 save $600 this year.

Workout at Home

Gym memberships cost a lot of money.  Buy some great workout DVDs (or stream them on your Netflix or Amazon account) and work out at home for free! Or hit your neighborhood walking trails to get a great outdoor workout.  

Make a Shopping List & Stick To It

Sticking to a grocery list is a simple way to stay on budget.  Having a list prevents you from impulse shopping which can destroy your budget.

Clip Coupons

You don’t have to be an extreme couponer to save money with coupons.  Before you head out shopping, take a look at your list and check out coupons.com to see if any coupons match up.  You can really save a lot with this simple step.

Cut the Junk

Cutting junk food out of your life can not only help get you healthy, but it can keep your wallet healthy as well.

Clearance & Sales

If you are clothes shopping, check out the clearance section. When you do head out to shop for new clothes, be sure to hit the sales and clearance racks.  Oh…and do an internet search for coupons for the store you are heading to, sometimes they will surprise you with mobile coupons. If you shop online, take advantage of sites like TopCashback.com and earn cash back and discounts to over 3,500 online stores. I use it and it does work/help.


Carpooling with others for your daily commute can save a lot of money on your gas bills and parking fees.

Compare Insurance

Compare your car insurance with other companies. You know those commercials you see that say that calling to compare can save you money?  They don’t lie, sometimes you can save a lot with just one phone call. It pays to shop around.

Clean Out Your Closets

Chances are, you will find some stuff to sell while you are getting organized. You can take items to a cosignment shop or have a yard sale.

Brown Bag It

Packing your own lunches instead of eating out every day is healthier and will save money.

Energy Audit

Call and schedule an energy audit. Most power companies offer free or cheap energy audits. These can tell you where you may be lacking in energy efficiency. Follow their tips to bring down your power bill.

Change Your Lighting

Choose fluorescent or LED light bulbs. It’s the law now anyway, but this is another great way to cut down on your energy bills.

Turn Down Your Water Heater

Lowering your thermostat just a couple of degrees can save you money!

Turn Down Your Furnace

Similar to lowering your water heater temperature, turning the heat down on your furnace can add up to big saving.  

Shop in Bulk

Bulk shopping can save big in the long run. Buying staples such as rice, beans, oatmeal, flour and sugar in bulk can often save you 50% or more over buying the packaged items.

Check With Your Cell Phone Company

Call your cell phone company and ask for any specials that you may qualify for. I recently placed a call and was able to cut $15 from my monthly bill.

Grocery Store Club Membership

Sign up for your grocery store club card. Many grocery stores have club card memberships that add automatic savings to your account.

Reusable Water Bottle

Invest in a reusable water bottle. The cost of constantly buying bottled water adds up. Invest in a good quality (BPA Free) reusable water bottle and use the tap instead to save big.

Frugal Date Nights

Frugal Date Nights. Instead of going all out for date night, choose to stay in a watch a movie or check out sites like Groupon to find good deals on restaurants and activities.

If you take these 20 ideas and put them in action you can save $600 this year, maybe even more. I promise you if you spend less, you can save money. It really IS that simple.

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  1. These are some great tips that I can use. I don’t have any trouble spending money but I sure do have a hard time saving it. Thank you for sharing

  2. Great ideas, thanks! Me and my wife always appreciate more smart ways in managing our finances.

  3. These are awesome ways to save $600 i love these ideas, especially for people experiencing financial issues.

  4. If people actually made themselves coffee instead of that daily (sometimes more than once!) trip to Starbucks I think they’d save a ton of money! Hey, I love Starbucks too, but it can get costly when you add it all up…

  5. I have really been trying to follow these tips. They are great and very helpful. Thank you again for sharing

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