Free Printable Easter Pillow Box

I like giving Easter gifts to my nephews when we meet at my mother-in-law’s on Easter. They’re all getting older now and I don’t want to give them the usual Easter basket fillers, nor do I want to gift wrap their Easter presents. I want something cute, that fits the holiday, but shows that it’s a gift.

Free Easter Pillow Box Printable

It’s difficult to find a way to give a gift at Easter that isn’t in an Easter basket, and unless it’s your own child, who wants to buy an Easter basket for every niece, nephew, and grandchild you have because that can get costly.

I remember our son’s first Easter when he was able to walk and participate in the egg hunt. I bought an Easter basket for not only him, but for the other two nephews (they’re more now) as well, and how excited I was at giving them their baskets and feeling a bit embarrassed when they come running in with their very own baskets. Of course they already had their own baskets from their parents.

I was a new mom and so excited about my son’s first Easter egg hunt that I wanted everyone to have a basket. I learned my lesson.

However, I don’t just want to take a bag of candy or chocolate bunny and hand it to them. I know what I need…

I need a pillow box!

Do you know what a pillow box is? I did, and I didn’t. When I saw one, I knew what it was, I just didn’t know that’s what they were called.

Since Easter is in March this year (just a month away) I’m already gathering ideas… like my Easter dinner menu, Easter desserts like these vanilla cappuccino cupcakes, and Easter sticker printables. And of course a pillow box like this FREE Printable Easter Pillow Box! It’s adorable.

Easter Pillow Box

A pillow box is a great way to present Easter candy or snacks to your kids on Easter. They’re a great way to give Easter gifts, too, especially if you have a small gift. This free printable is cute and perfect for Easter.

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Free Easter Pillow Box Printable

You can Download your FREE Printable HERE (All I ask is that you please don’t sell or redistribute. Thank you!).

FYI: If you click and purchase card stock, I may make a few cents, so thank you in advance.

They are really easy to assemble, just print it out on card stock, cut it out, score and fold, and glue where indicated.

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