– Real Women

We are surrounded by images of beautiful, thin women in magazines, movies and TV.  Our young girls live in a society that tells them in order for them to be attractive they must be skinny.  We are smart…we as women realize that the images on the pages of magazines are airbrushed.    Dove has even been using 'real women' in their campaign ads. 

So we know better, yet women will trash talk other women, just like the recent controversy over the Jennifer Love Hewitt photos.  She is not fat by any means, but women, not men, were all a buzz about her weight and cellulite.

Why do we do this?  I wish I knew.  But we women are our worst critics.  Women are beautiful…we come in all shapes and sizes, and as long as we are healthy, why do we have to put each other down? 

Well I discovered this wonderful web site, that features stories and pictures of women who are pregnant or have had children. 

The photos are of their nude bodies, in all their glory and/or imperfections.  It is pictures of real women; of mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.  Note, however, that there is nudity contained within and this website is not considered safe for work.

The Shape of a Mother web site is a safe place for women to lift each other up, to motivate and inspire each other.  And maybe someday we can change the way the media depicts us as women.  Not every women is a size 2, and that is okay.

If you are a 'real woman' and want to be inspired by other 'real women' check out