Ready Or Not…My Baby Is Growing Up

jpg_BIM0290 It is that time of year again when all the kids are starting back to school.  However, this year is different…it is my baby that will be starting school!  He will be starting Kindergarten this year.  He is so excited about it! 

We have done a good job of talking school up to him for months now.  We wanted him to have a great attitude about school so that he would be excited about going.  It is important to us that he isn’t nervous or scared about school.  Attitude is everything; and he has a good one as far as school is concerned.

He is prepared.  If you can be too prepared, he is.  He already knows all the things that a Kindergartner is supposed to know by the end of the year and then some.  He knows how to get to his classroom by himself (something they are suppose to be able to do after the first 2 weeks of school).  Now this makes me sad in a way.  To see my little boy walk into his school, turn right, walk down a corridor, turn left and walk until he finds his room number, is daunting to me.  However, I also feel a sense of pride because he is learning independence and becoming self-sufficient.  Qualities that will help him become a good leader.

Our hope for our son is that he makes friends.  That he develops friendships that may last him his entire school life, if not his entire life.  We want him to have socialization  with other kids on a regular basis; to meet and be surrounded by diversity. 

You can teach your child a myriad of things but sometimes experience can be the best teacher.  I hope he has far greater good experiences than bad ones in school.  As I said HE is prepared, I wish I could say the same for us.

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  1. Well today was his first day and he loved it! I cried from the time I left his room until after I got home. The way his birthday fell (Nov. 25th) he didn’t get to go last year, and I’m glad because it gave him more time to be more emotionally ready for school. We put our son in preschool for a while for the socialization (he is an only child). Your daughter will let you know when she is ready…either way I am sure she will do just fine.

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