The Spooky Shows of the Travel Channel; Now You See Them…

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It’s a dark and stormy night. What do you do? Do you curl up to watch a scary television show or movie? This time of year, with Halloween coming up, people like to scare and be scared. They like to sit around a fire telling ghost stories while roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and making smores. People are intrigued and fascinated by ghosts, spooky stories, and the unexplained.

To help us out with these fascinations, the Travel Channel is offering these shows devoted to exploring all things ghostly, scary, and paranormal.

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1. Ghost Adventures

Zak, Nick, and Aaron, a team of ghost hunters, investigate some of the most haunted places in the world. They make viewers feel as if they’re really there with their detailed eyewitness accounts of paranormal experiences. They also interview local residents and historical experts who explain the history of these haunted places. After arming themselves with stories, they then provoke and confront the supposed ghosts, and afterwards, analyze their findings with paranormal experts.

2. Most Haunted USA

Originally adapted from the British television show with the same name, this series follows paranormal investigators who stay overnight in haunted locations to investigate strange activity. Featuring mediums and parapsychologists, they try to get a feel for whether there are disturbing presences or something that needs to be communicated from beyond the grave. A historian also lends information about the history and facts about the location that might help with the unexplained events.

3. Paranormal Paparazzi

This brand new show will be hosted by Aaron Sagers, and Zak Bagans (lead investigator on Ghost Adventures) will help produce and consult. Reporters will track down bizarre and buzz-worthy stories dealing with the paranormal in a news-style show. It will feature the spooky and mysterious, going beyond just ghosts and haunted places to include all elements paranormal. The reporters will investigate each instance to either substantiate or disprove the claims of paranormal activity.

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4. The Dead Files

A Homicide Detective and a Physical Medium combine their unique and often conflicting skills to solve cases of unexplained paranormal phenomena. They travel across America, investigating various haunted locations. They do their investigations independently, then at the end of each episode, they combine their findings in terrifying, compelling, conclusions.

5. Making Monsters

This show takes a fascinating look at animatronics.  Edmunds and his staff work at creating some of the scariest “frightronics” in the haunt industry.

6. Mysteries at the Museum

Museums house America’s treasures of the past, including strange and curious remnants of times that shaped history. These artifacts hold stories and untold secrets, and this show attempts to find out what these items have to tell us. It tours America’s past, revisiting crucial events by reexamining what’s been left behind, tackling history’s most enduring mysteries.

These shows are the ultimate tales of ghosts and spooks and will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat from fright. This Halloween, let the Travel Channel take you on fascinating, freaky journeys to some of the scariest places in the world.


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  1. I love most of these shows but one of my favorites is Ghost Adventures!

  2. great shows! i love the The Dead Files

  3. I’m a weenie. No can do scary stuff!

  4. I just couldn’t watch shows like this. I’m way too chicken xD

  5. I won’t be watching, lol…I’m too much of a chicken. But my son would love these types of shows.

  6. i love the Dead Files

  7. I love all those spooky shows! I’ve been watching horror movies and shows since I was a little kid! I love them, my husband, on the other hand, hates them!

  8. We really enjoy The Travel Channel and have watched many of the spooky shows you mentioned. It’s really fun to see amazing encounters and video evidence!

  9. Cool! I’ll have to tune in with my teenage son.

  10. Great shows! I would like to see a few

  11. I am a fan of Dead Files

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