The Obsession of Hollywood and Why it is Killing the World

I am trying out guest blogging on Blog by Donna.  Today’s post is by guest blogger Adam Walters.  We would love to hear what you think of him… so leave him a comment.

We are in trouble people, but most of us do not know it. Global warming is going to cause mass migrations of people that will cost billions and billions of dollars.  N. Korea has nuclear warheads.  Iran is in turmoil over final presidential elections and our (US) infrastructure is falling apart. Most of the world, or worse, most Americans have no clue what is going on.

They are too tied up in the Hollywood crap, the row of celebrity deaths, and reality TV shows that plague our society. Why is this killing us? Well please, let me enlighten you.

First off, the death of MJ or Michael Jackson (call him what you want) is nothing special. Everybody dies sometime. As soon as that man died it felt like the world had stopped. There was no more news about Kim Jong-il creating his nuclear arsenal that could be unleashed and kill millions in seconds. As well as, very little life into the South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford affair. It was all MJ, MJ and MJ. C’mon people, what will more affect us? Is it a possible N. Korean nuclear denotation of a populated area? Or Michael Jackson being dead? I will give you a hint, nuclear explosions are bad.

Second, Hollywood is killing us. More and more of the younger generations are becoming, literally, mindless zombies. Many Americans today know more about what he/she wore to the Grammies then how the US political system works. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t care about politics.” Well sorry to tell you, but politics is what keeps food on your table; it is what keeps you safe and it is what keeps the world running. Knowing who Tim Tebow’s girlfriend is, or looking up pictures of Emma Watson’s wardrobe malfunction is not going to solve family issues to global issues.

Lastly, reality TV is killing the world, mainly The United States. Competing to become Paris Hilton’s new BFF or even Survivor is no where close to being real. The worst of the worst is American Idol.

That show is the number one killer of society to-date. It is absolutely pathetic that the shows final two contestants almost got more votes than the election of the leader of the free world…aka the President of the USA. How many votes you may ask? President Obama got 69 million and American Idol’s Kris Allen and Adam Lambert received a total of about 66 million votes. What a joke. This is a severe problem that is only going to continue to get worse.

Why are we so obsessed with what the famous do with their lives? What is so important about Hollywood land? This kind of useless knowledge is not going to help you find your next job, pass those dreaded final exams, nor contribute to society. Stalking celebrity’s lives is a complete waste of time.

Follow what will really affect you, not just some nonsense. Until we, as individuals, learn what the difference between Hollywood and our world is, this will sadly continue to get worse.

About the Author

Adam is an 18 year-old freelance blogger who is also an Environmentalist from Ohio.  He is already very active in the social media circles where you can find Adam digging at Digg or tweeting on Twitter


  1. LOVE your post!! I couldn’t agree more. I was getting my car fixed on Tues during the MJ memorial (actually prior to it starting) and I was absolutely insulted and offended at the coverage before the memorial even started. In the long run, Hollywood is full of ENTERTAINERS and in general, their wasteful spending is a bad lesson to teach our young people who so look up to them. Granted, some are also humanitarians and involved in numerous charity organizations but so often we only hear about who wore what or how many millions they paid for their numerous homes. It’s pitiful but I don’t know a solution for the problem.

  2. I can certainly sympathize, Adam. The obsession with trash culture is a constant irritant on mine. However, have you considered that this obsession might be a bi-product of the way things are going right now, instead of one of the causes. When things get bad, and people are worried about making ends meet, they turn to mindless entertainment and other non-news to distract them from the crap they’ve got to face on a day to day basis.

    Just my two cents.

  3. @Maurice – I know exactly what you mean. I remember the news was always on while we were at the dinner table.

    Ah, I had forgotten about the Jackson 5 records off the back of the Alpha-Bits cereal. Now I really feel old! 😉

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