The Mommy Confessions – I hate to exercise

mommyconfessions There I said it.  I hate to exercise… there, I said it again.  This is hard for me to admit because I was at one time an exercise freak.  I loved getting up early and going for a run.  I had a gym membership and was at the gym at least four days a week.  But something changed over the last two years or so.  It was gradual at first – then the next thing I knew I hadn’t exercised in a month… oh, the shame. 

Over at Life Starring The Kids & Me Victoria has a fun series entitled ‘The Mommy Confessions’ and I thought it would be fun to do here.  I did a vlog for iMommyTalk recently – ‘What’s your guilty pleasure’ which was sort of a confession.  But my guilty pleasure is more pleasure than guilt.

Back to my confession – I will find absolutely any excuse I can to not exercise.  Seriously.  I would rather clean toilets (and if you knew how much I hated cleaning bathrooms…) than to exercise. 

Something else I did a lot of was hike.  We live near the Smoky Mountains so we would spend almost every weekend hiking. This year we’ve gone on one hike.  My husband would love to go more… but I keep making excuses.

Sadly, I really need to exercise.  I have put on a <cough> a few <cough> extra pounds over the last two years and I know it is attributed to my sitting on my ever expanding tush at the computer too much. 

The first step is admitting it, right?  So thanks to The Mommy Confessions I may be able to change it.  We’ll see.

So there you have it "I hate to exercise."  I would love to hear your mommy confession. Confession really is good for the soul.