Twitter top 10 #FollowFriday – July 11, 2009

twitter-bird I can’t believe it’s Friday again.  It really does seem this week flew by.  So for this #FollowFriday I have ten more great ‘tweeps’ you should be following on Twitter if you’re not already.  In no particular order:

Mr. Social@the_gman  isn’t Mr. Social for nothing… with over 86,000 followers, he is being followed for a reason.  He is personable, friendly and tweets interesting, informative and entertaining tweets.  You should #followfriday Gerald.

Ms. Social@ShaveMistress because she is friendly and nice with just a slight edge to her.  Besides, Desiree can kick your butt – she’s a female boxer, which I think is pretty dang cool.  She tweets things of interest and is a great retweeter.  I highly recommend you #followfriday her.

Ms. Helpful@SupportSKs selflessly and tirelessly brings attention to all POD shopkeepers.  Amanda is a sweetheart and goes above and beyond to help her fellow shopkeepers.  She is one smart cookie and will also RTs tweets that aren’t ‘T-Shirt’ related.  A must #FollowFriday gal.

Comfy Tee@lilsquirttees Okay… I like comfy tees.  You know the kind that are soft and you love to sleep in.  And being a mom, I love their cute designs for kids and moms.  They’re new to Twitter so give them a #followfriday.

RAOK@Iconic88 for tweets of ‘random acts of kindess.’  As well as inspirational and motivational quotes and sayings.  He is the Chief Happiness Officer!  He makes me smile everyday I’m on Twitter and see one of his tweets.  You won’t be sorry you #followfriday him.

Mr. Digg@ThePowerDigger because he finds some of the best stories/articles and submits them to Digg and tweets them.  He is also a great retweeter and just a super nice guy!  I highly recommend you #followfriday him.

MILT@SugarJones is a mom of course, but I love to read her tweets!  She is so funny, entertaining, as well as smart and witty.  Oh, and get your mind out of the gutter… MILT stands for ‘mom I love to tweet.’

Mr/Ms. Money@walletpopper for all things financial.  They tweet personal finance tweets that can help you save money.  What’s not to love about that?  I highly recommend you #followfriday Beth for good money tips and freebies.

Mr. Apps@CrazyMikeApps for iPhone reviews.  Mike reviews the apps and tweets out if it’s worth checking out.  He also keeps you up to date on all the iPhone rumors.  He’s a really cool guy that you should #followfriday

The Cool Celeb@greggrunberg because he is so personable.  Greg is funny and he and his wife are behind the ‘free’ iPhone app Yowza -an iPhone app for coupons and in-store deals. He really gets social media.  Not to mention, he is one of my favorite ‘Heroes’, and we moms love him!

So that’s this #followfriday recommendations.  If you missed the previous #FollowFriday check them out for more great tweeps to follow:

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  1. @Sugar – something made me think you’d like to be referred to as a MILT. 😉

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