Tattoo Barbie – Is Mattel going too far?

totallystylintattoo I loved Barbie when I was a young girl.  I loved dressing Barbie up for fashion shows and styling her hair… you know all those girly things.  I have to admit that I even collected Barbie as an adult – I know… I know.  I really did love her! 

To be honest, I would have loved Tattoo Barbie.  I loved pink hair and blue hair Barbie; so why wouldn’t I have loved a pretty butterfly tattooed on Barbie?  And since Barbie is turning 50 soon she may be suffering a mid-life crisis; maybe this is why Barbie is getting inked up.

So what’s all the hoopla about?  Many parents think that Barbie will encourage their daughters to show off their bodies.  I think Barbie is the least of their worries… scantily clad young girls are all over our televisions and pages of magazines. I honestly do not believe that girls will see Tattoo Barbie and decide they want a tattoo.  Besides,the blond bombshell doesn’t come with tattoos already applied. It’s up to the kids to attach the stickers where they see fit. 

As a parent you have the choice of whether or not to purchase a Tattoo Barbie for your daughters… and you should most definitely exercise that right if you do not want your girls to play with the Tattoo Barbie or any Barbie for that matter.

However, despite the controversy, Tattoo Barbie is flying off the shelves.  Not surprising, since controversy has just that impact.

If I had a daughter instead of a son, would I buy Tattoo Barbie?  No.  I lost my love affair with Barbie several years ago and would not want my daughter to play with her.  Which of course, would guarantee that she would want to.

What do you think of the new Tattoo Barbie?  Would you or have you bought Mattel’s newest Totally Stylin Tattoo Barbie?  Has Mattel gone too far, like they did a few years ago with pregnant Midge?  Or is Mattel just keeping with the times?  Share you thoughts and opinions on the newest Barbie controversy… we would love to hear them.


  1. David, you’re right… tattoos are definitely more mainstream now than ever. And there’s nothing realistic about Barbie anyways… including her breasts. 🙂

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