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smakLogo_whiteBackground Dear Ladies:

We are writing to invite you to visit, explore and JOIN SMAK News – a new online social media site specifically for YOU – located online at

It’s completely FREE to join, and it’s a very unique platform… SMAK News is like Digg, Reddit and Mixx with some LiveJournal and BlogHer thrown in and finally a dash of Facebook and a pinch of Perez Hilton.  All this in one place – and best of all it’s for WOMEN.

We designed SMAK News to help women of all walks of life, like you, promote and grow your blog or web sites as well as, the blogs and web sites you frequent.

You can write your own blog at SMAK News – we give you a voice.

You’ll find the latest in news, advice, how-to’s and much more, as it pertains to women. From stay at home or work at home moms to single professional women.  From moms married with children to married without.

You’ll find topics ranging from health issues facing women to the newest must-have tech gadgets every woman needs; as well as shopping, parenting tips, and so much more.

Plus, you can stay on top of the latest celebrity news and gossip – so if you want to know for example, what the Oscar nominees wore this year, to who took home the little “gold” guy… you will find it at

As a Member of SMAK News, you’ll have the opportunity to meet, socialize and network with other women in a safe community. To recap,

At you can:

  • Submit your own blog posts or web site; or submit a great article from another site to share, and vote on those you like.
  • You can write your own blogs – a way to brand your name and writing style; and position yourself as an expert.
  • You can stay on top of the hottest news, tips, advice and celebrity news and gossip.
  • You can learn and you can teach. You have valuable information that can help other women.

Visit Us Now at SMAK News!

You can sign up at and you will receive an e-mail updating you on the site’s status up until the March 18 beta launch date. You can also follow SMAK News on Twitter at or check out our blog for updates at

Buttons will be available for your web sites so your readers can submit directly to SMAK News.

If you have any questions or better yet, suggestions or ideas, you can leave a comment or contact me directly.


The Team
Donna Chaffins
Marketing Director
[email protected]