Missing Money? See if you have money to claim

I have several friends who just used the missing money website, missingmoney.com and found that they had some money owed to them. The site will help you search any and all states to see if you or a family member has missing, lost, or unclaimed property, money, or assets.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any unclaimed money for me or anyone in my immediate family.

Missing money unclaimed property

However, I just discovered that there is a site out there, FoundMoney.com that claims to search for you, for a fee.  Please do not fall for this.  You do not need to pay for unclaimed property searches!  Any site that claims they will do it for you for a fee, RUN, it is a scam! 

Check out ConsumerAffairs.com and read the complaints or Complaints.com about FoundMoney.com.  I just want you to be aware of this site since researching for missing money for my family. I don’t want anyone being taken for granted.

Missing Money

Remember, it is free to search for missing money, you should never have to pay to find out if you are owed any money.

If you go to missingmoney.com or Claimit.ca.gov and find you have missing money, let us know.  We hope to hear from you!


  1. Rich, Thanks for your response!

    I will still recommend for people to search free sites for unclaimed money first.

    I am sure there could be situations where you may need someone’s assistance in searching for money, I just ask people to be cautious in who you choose to do this.

    I did some quick research on the site you recommend and could not find anything negative about it. I do not however, endorse your site but leave it up to others to decide.


  2. I looked up the site Found money and paid with a CC and when I went to pull it up guess what there was no information about it. I am calling my bank and pressing fraud charges to get my 19.95 back. You should look inato this company which has Oprah Winfred name on it. Watch out for this one. I am a senior citizen and living on a fixed income with no money coming in so I am doing this for myi fellow senior friends. I am also going to have Ms. Winfred to look into this. Please help me

  3. I am not sure if anyone reads this because its so old… But, I was looking for the found money.com website and cannot find it. Has it been removed?

    I personally had success with this site in 2005. I paid for unlimited searches. Money was owed to my dad, who had passed in 89′ and I filled out the paper
    work and submitted all the documents that was required and I did in fact receive $10,000. It took me about 6 months for the dept of treasury to release the funds, but I did get paid.

    I would glady pay the 20 bucks again to get unlimited searches and cancel once I found what I was searching for.

    I hope the site wasn’t taken down… It worked for me.

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