Over 40? Weight Loss Tips for You!


Did you know between your mid-20s and mid-50s, your metabolism lowers by about 200 calories per day?  This change can cause a 30-pound weight gain in the span of those 30 years.  No wonder why your clothes don’t fit anymore! So, if you’re over forty you may definitely be looking for weight loss tips.

weight loss tips
As we age our metabolism slows down making it more difficult to lose weight.

To add insult to injury, your normal method of crash dieting will only make the situation worse.  Instead of finding a quick fix, you need a smart, age-appropriate way to lose weight and rejuvenate a slow metabolism.

Here are some weight loss tips to supercharge your cardio workout and burn more calories.  In fact, research shows that simple changes to your cardio routine can increase calorie burn by 25-50%.

Over 40 Weight Loss Tips

Take Time to Warm Up

According to health and fitness author Chip Harrison, warming up does more than prepare your muscles for a workout.  The metabolic rate inside your cells increases by 13% for every single degree your body temperature rises.  Engage in an easy to moderate activity for at least five minutes.

Have a 12-Minute Minimum

Any cardio exercise is better than nothing at all.  However, post-40 weight-loss hopefuls should engage in a cardio regimen for at least 12 minutes.  Maintain a moderate to high-intensity workout for the entire duration.  You’ll know you’ve reached the appropriate level of difficulty if your breathing is somewhat labored.  Do these most days of the week.

Use Interval Training Too

Short bursts of high-intensity activity can burn more calories than a steady-paced workout.  In fact, one study at the College of New Jersey found that a 30-minute interval training that rotated between five minutes of intense activity and five minutes of moderate activity burned 15% more calories than non interval training.

Crank it up a Notch Once a Week

One time per week, extend your exercise to an hour.  A study at the University of Victoria in British Columbia showed that people who engaged in a 60-minute workout burned 5 times more calories than those who did only 30 minutes.

Other Weight Loss Tips

  • Listen to music while you exercise: If you are listening to tunes, you’ll exercise 20 % longer – and ultimately burn more calories.  According to West London’s BrunelUniversity report, music reduces fatigue, enhances vitality, and helps synchronize your movements.
  • When possible, exercise outside:  You will burn 10% more calories when walking or running outdoors instead of using the treadmill.  Plus, the extra wind resistance in your face will burn even more calories.

Individuals over 40-years-old might have different exercise suggestions, but the workouts aren’t more difficult than exercises performed at any other time in your life. Try these weight loss tips and make these simple changes to your cardio routine and you’ll start seeing weight loss results in no time.