Top 5 Best Ways to Lose the Baby Weight

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Most women put on somewhere between 20-25 pounds during pregnancy. That's perfectly normal. And it's actually healthy for you and your baby too. Word of caution though: just as it is recommended to gain weight regularly slow during pregnancy, you need to also slowly and steadily lose weight afterwards. To figure out how to get back in shape, here are 5 tips:

1. Breastfeed

Breastfeeding burns about 500 calories per day by using up your fat stores. You read it right, 500 calories! Which means that even if you're literally just sitting down, you could still lose weight. Make sure though that you still get enough calories in order to produce sufficient amount of milk for your child.
But as soon as you stop breastfeeding and start feeding your baby with solids, your calorie need will significantly be reduced and you could really gain weight, especially if you don't watch your diet and begin exercising.

2. Take a walk

Walking is one of the best form of exercise, which can be done 6-8 weeks after giving birth.
So as soon as you feel that you're ready to start exercising, start light, take a walk. If the weather permits it, take your baby with you, on a stroller or a baby jogger or worn on a sling. Do it for 10 minutes. If it makes you feel good and it doesn't cause or worsen bleeding, walk a little farther, slowly increasing your walking time.
Merely pushing the stroller for 30 minutes to 1-2 miles and walking up and down the stairs for 15 minutes can both burn 150 calories each.

3. Weight Train

Weight training can speed up your metabolism. But before deciding to hit the gym, start with routines which can include your baby. You can do lunges while pushing your baby in his/her stroller or as you're holding your baby to your chest. You can also lie on your back, hold the baby above your chest, and slowly press your baby toward the ceiling for several times.
You can also hire a personal trainer for a few weeks if you are not sure how to do weight training.

4. Nap

Taking naps helps to effect weight loss since it can stop you from snacking on high-calorie, high-sugar foods for energy. When your baby sleeps, take a time off as well. Doze off. Besides, your sleep cycle will be far from normal, especially when you have a newborn. This strange sleep cycle can disturb your metabolism and make it more difficult for you to lose weight.
Whatever happens, do not give up sleep just so you could exercise. After all, you will need a lot of energy for working out.

5. Have healthy snacks

Eat 5-6 times a day, each meal spaced 2-3 hours apart. For lactating moms, it is recommended to have a snack each time your baby breastfeeds in order to stimulate your metabolism and ensure that you burn the maximum amount of calories.
Snack on low-fat milk and yogurt as these contain calcium, which supports weight loss by obstructing the hormone that enables the body to store fat. Also opt for high-fiber snacks, such as figs, raisins, or whole-wheat crackers with veggies as they can keep you full and regulates digestion.

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