My Weekend in Red Earth Caraway #WorldofGood #EarthFootwear

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My Weekend in Red Earth Caraway


Since I’ve lost weight I’ve been looking for new clothes that are “me”, and fun to wear. I think this look is very much me. I already have the red Caraway sandals. Now I just need to get the rest of the outfit.

74127570 earth caraway

79042921 earth caraway

Witchery long cardigan
$125 –

79753906 earth caraway

80356439 earth caraway

True religion jeans
$485 –

81302655 earth caraway


76037021 earth caraway

Michael michael kors handbag
$455 –

79566460 earth caraway

Cuff jewelry

78888806 earth caraway

Oasis teardrop earrings
$12 –


  1. That is a cute choices, especially the jeans.

  2. Very good taste! I wish I was thin enough that I could wear outfits like that.

  3. What an awesome outfit I love the red pull over and shirt and jeans.

  4. Love everything about that look, definitely something I would wear!

  5. Love the outfit you put together, especially the accessories!

  6. Fantastic outfit! Although I love the top, I am afraid to click the link and find out how expensive it is – Vivienne Westwood….

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