5 Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

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5 staging tips to help you sell your home fasterImage Source

Selling your home is more than setting a price and placing it on the market for sale. If you’re looking to sell your home quickly and get close to your asking price, you’ll need to set the stage for success with the following simple tips.

Curb Appeal

To entice buyers inside to tour your home, you’re going to have to boost your dwellings curb appeal. This includes power washing the walkways and siding on your home. If you’re view is obstructed by overgrown trees or shrubs, you can trim them down. For spring or summer showings, plant brilliant colored flowers around the property and make sure your lawn is watered and well-manicured. The Internet has made it easy for buyers to search listings, so you’re going to have to do everything you can to stand out from the competition.

Fresh Coat of Paint

You can spruce up your homes appeal by adding a fresh coat of paint. Choose something neutral, warm and light. This will be an added bonus to buyers when your home is in move-in condition. If the exterior is showing signs of wear and tear, paint or stain your siding, deck, porch and wood trim.

Make Repairs

Items such as a leaky faucet, running toilet, torn window screens and broken knobs may seem insignificant, but repairing these small features will show that you’ve maintained your home properly through the years. You don’t want a prospective buyer to put in a lower offer based on the disrepair. Most buyers will have the home inspected by a licensed contractor before finalizing a deal anyway, so you’ll only have to repair the items at a later date or lower your asking price to make up for the maintenance costs.

Ditch the Clutter

Before placing your home on the market is the ideal time to clean. Get rid of any clutter such as magazines, newspapers, toys and books that make your home appear untidy. No matter the size of your dwelling, you want your home to look spacious. Rearranging your furniture can make the rooms appear roomy and inviting. This is also a good time to get your carpets cleaned. Foul odors from pets, cooking and stale air can turn-off a buyer.

Set the Mood

Just like a model home at new construction sites, you can set the mood for showings the same way by staging your home appropriately. Turn on the lights in each room and play smooth jazz in the background. Before a prospective buyer tours your home, bake a pan of cookies or brownies. Set up the refreshments on the kitchen table with a vase of flowers, so they can take in the amazing features displayed in your dwelling.

It’s important to make your home appeal to potential buyers to ensure a quick sale. Staging it right with the above tips can help you with your asking price. For sellers in need of a quick fix, you can rely on the services of a reputable cash buyer. Not only are they pre-approved, they make it easy for sellers to get on with their life in a down market.

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  1. Those are all common sense things to do when selling a home! But a savvy buyer, can look beyond paint, carpet and wallpaper to make a better purchase for what they need and not just what “looks good”, especially in a down market.

  2. I’d like to ditch the clutter even though we’re not selling!

  3. it is amazing what a few things can do!! and many of these you should do just to keep up maintance on the house well we do!!! thank you for a great post

  4. I totally agree that those things will help. So many people take this for granted and some show their home when it’s downright nasty, then wonder why it doesn’t sell.

  5. Clean & fresh are a huge help. Many people can’t get past a dirty room or weird color, it really turns them off and devalues a property.

  6. Great tips! I go to open houses just for fun and I can’t believe the condition some people show their homes.

  7. We can’t decide if we are going to sell or not. We need a larger home but our current home would be the perfect rental property.

  8. Thanks so much for the great blog! My best friend is trying to sell her house. I am going to pass these great tips on to her!

  9. I just heard on the radio this morning that a home that has been smoked in is 56% less likely to sell. Another important factor to consider!

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