Instant Pot, Why You Need This Amazing Kitchen Appliance

Hands down, the best small kitchen appliance I have ever bought is my Instant Pot. I used to use my slow cooker all the time, but the instant pot is the crockpot on steroids.

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Instant Pot and Why You Need One

instant pot

This is my 6-qt. 7-in-1 Instant Pot.

I love that you can cook meals, side dishes, and desserts in the IP, and you get tender, flavorful food fast.

The convenience and speed combined with the most tender and juicy of foods make it a must-have for anyone’s kitchen.

soup in an instant pot

Since I bought my IP, I have used it just about every single day.

The funny thing is, I resisted getting one for the longest time. I was so afraid of the “pressure cooker” idea of it. I’ve heard so many horror stories of pressure cookers gone wrong that I was afraid to cook with one. Seriously, I just knew if I got one, it would explode on me.

I could not have been more wrong.

The instant pot is the most amazing kitchen appliance, and I missed out on years of delicious easy meals.

My Mom had been resisting getting one, too, so last week, I ordered her this 8 qt. Instant Pot and had it shipped to her… an early Christmas gift.

Anything you could make in a slow cooker, you can make in the IP. In fact, you can get IPs with air fryer lids, so anything you could make in an air fryer, you could make in the IP.

instant pot flourless cake

Some of the Things You Can Make In an Instant Pot

Some of the things I’ve been making recently in my IP are: Taco Soup, Flourless Chocolate Cake, and Pork Carnitas, to name a few. And when I was first looking for an IP, I never even thought about making desserts in it. Now I make desserts all the time in mine.

fish tacos

If you cook at all, I truly believe you need an instant pot. I think you will thank me… you’re welcome.