Curling Wand Set for Lots of Styling Options

I love curls. I used to use hot curlers to curl my hair because it was just easier for me. And curling wands or curling irons used to be one size… meaning you bought one curling iron with one size barrel. So, if you wanted different sized curls, you needed to buy more than one. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase I will earn a commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting my small business.

6-in-1 curling wand set

I love the 6-1 curling wand set I recently bought. It has 6 interchangeable wands with barrels varying in sizes from 0.35: to 1.25″.

So, I can get tighter, spiral curls, big loose curls, or even beach waves, depending on my mood.

curls for days

The curling wand set comes with a heat-protective glove for the 3 wands without built-in clips that you wrap your hair around.

If you have hard to curl hair or bleach blonde hair, because I’m not sure if you know it or not, but bleach blonde hair is not always easy to curl… or hold curl–this curling iron set does a great job.

My hair is relatively easy to curl, but it doesn’t hold curl very well. This curling wand holds curls for at least 3 days for me.




after using curling iron

Okay, my hair may not look it’s best, but the curl did hold. I curled my hair on Friday evening and the above photo was taken on Sunday afternoon. I’m also not the best at curling the back of my hair.

I want to add that I’ve owned several hot curler sets, curling irons, and straighteners in my time, and this is my favorite curling wand set.

I think you’ll find it makes a great gift idea for a teenage or college-age female in your life.

If you want curls for days and like being able to go from spiral curls to beach waves, this 6-1 curling wand set is right for you.