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I’m Living an Active Life with #Caltrate3in1

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: July 20, 2015 | Categories: Health and Fitness
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This fifty-something, early menopausal woman as part of a sponsored post with, Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, bring you this post. All opinions are mine alone and should not be taken as medical advice. #Caltrate3in1 #CollectiveBias

Caltrate Bone and Joint Health 1

I’m fifty-one. There, I said it. Quite honestly, I say it with pride… and honor. They do say that 50 is the new 30, and I tend to agree with that, having lived through my thirties already, I can attest that I feel, for the most part, like I did when I was in my thirties.

I don’t think I feel like a fifty-year-old, whatever that is suppose to feel like. Although since I’m in my fifties now, and I do feel pretty darn good, I must say, fifty feels good.

I think being an older mom (having my son when I was 38), staying active, and taking Caltrate Bone & Joint Health, keeps me feeling confident.

Something that my husband and I always have loved doing since we moved near the Great Smoky Mountains 19 years ago, is hiking. We love being outdoors in nature and finding new trails to hike.


He's one of the main reasons I want to stay active and have the bone and joint strength to do so.

He’s one of the main reasons I want to stay active and have the bone and joint strength to do so.

After we had our son, we now enjoy hiking as a family. I couldn’t imagine not being able to explore hiking trails because I lacked the bone and joint strength needed to do it.

hiking Great Smoky Mountains Caltrate Bone & Joint Health #Caltrate3in1

We try to push ourselves to do longer and/or more difficult hikes from time to time, too.

The top of Clingmans Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains (circa 2010/2011)

The top of Clingmans Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains (circa 2010/2011)

Admittedly,  my body is not the same as it was when I was thirty and I don’t want my bones and joints giving out on me… or getting rusty. Caltrate Bone & Joint Health is a supplement that’s easy for me to incorporate into my daily routine and being a woman in menopause I know I need to think about my bone and joint health.

It’s just one tablet a day that I take first thing in the mornings and Caltrate Bone & Joint Health has UC-II that supports healthy cartilage, promoting joint flexibility and health. I was taking 3 supplements before, so it’s nice to get everything I need in one easy tablet.

Something I look for in a supplement is calcium and Vitamin D3 for bone strength, which Caltrate Bone & Joint Health has, plus extra minerals for bone flexibility.

Yoga Pose for Caltrate Bone & Joint Health

I’m living an active life with Caltrate Bone & Joint Health and I plan on being active, flexible, and confident for many years to come. I’ve even started (trying) yoga… because I plan on hiking with my grandchildren one day.

Caltrate Bone & Joint Health at Walgreens Aisle

I buy Caltrate ® Bone & Joint Health at Walgreens and right now shoppers can save $5-off with the in-store instant value coupon book at Walgreens!

How are you taking care of your bones and joints as you are getting older?


41 Responses to I’m Living an Active Life with #Caltrate3in1

  1. Kristin Knudsen says:

    I must say…after having written comments on your blogs several times…I would have never guessed that you were 51!!! Congratulations for looking and feeling so young!!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I workout a lot and I workout hard, so my joints are always aching. I need to get some of this.

  3. Mandee says:

    Honestly, I need to start doing something about my bones and joints! I’m in my 30’s and don’t want to feel old anytime soon! You look fabulous! And the Smoky Mountains is our favorite place of all time! You are so lucky to get to live there! 🙂

  4. Caltrate sounds great. Osteoporosis runs in our family, so I can use all the protection I can get.

  5. Osteoporosis is more common in women than men, so it makes sense for us to take a supplement that can help keep our bones healthy. I actually take Caltrate, and I love it.

  6. MJ L says:

    Sounds like a great supplement to use, especially for a healthy and active lifestyle!

  7. I’ll admit I’m terrible about taking supplements. This is a good reminder to be getting good nutrition along with exercise.

  8. Demetra says:

    51 looks great on you, keep doing what you’re doing. I need to start taking some supplements to help protect my joints and bones.

  9. Pam says:

    I definitely need to take this supplement. Bone and joint problems run in my family!

  10. Sabrina says:

    You look so active and fit, I hope I do too at 50 🙂

  11. krystel says:

    great reviews it sounds alot like a very healthy treat

  12. Amanda O. says:

    First things first…you look AMAZING at 51! I can only hope I’m half as active as you are in my 50’s!

  13. Candy O says:

    There’s no way you are 51! You are gorgeous! Keep doing what you are doing!!

  14. Felicia says:

    You look absolutely amazing. I definitely take supplements!

  15. Kristi says:

    Definitely something I should look into. Don’t want to get old before my time that is for sure.

  16. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    You look amazing. Staying active is a huge part of feeling healthy.

  17. Lisa Bristol says:

    I need to start taking a bone supplement. I will have to pick up Caltrate ® Bone & Joint Health to give it a try.

  18. Christie says:

    I know I’m at risk for calcium problems when I get older! I definitely am keeping Caltrate in mind

  19. If that is what the 50’s looks like then I say ROCK ON! I take a pretty good multi-vitamin but I will definitely keep Caltrate 3in1 in mind! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Cinny says:

    My parents use Caltrate too and they love how it helps. I love their chewable.

  21. Mai T. says:

    I try doing cardio every week and at least 1 day a week of outdoor activity. I hope I could get into yoga soon.

  22. Kristin K says:

    I should try and get some Caltrate Bone and Joint Health! I have a lot of joint issues, and this would probably do a lot of good for me!

  23. Wow! You are rocking 51! Amazing! I am going to be 40 tomorrow and I know I am not in good health. I have some bone issues that is causing me a lot of pain and weight gain because my movement is so limited. I am really fighting to change it and take charge of my health. Thank you for the inspiration!

  24. Jeanine says:

    LIES! There is no way you are 51. Well, let me just say you look amazing. I hope I look at least half as good by the time I hit 50! I will for sure be trying this!

  25. Crystal says:

    My mom is recovering from knee surgery. I’m seeing all that’s in my future through her, and I know that Caltrate would help me stay active and strong.

  26. Tracey says:

    Caltrate sounds awesome! Glad you found something that helps you stay active and combats Osteoporosis.

  27. Amanda says:

    You look fabulous! So glad you found something to help you feel good and stay active!

  28. Stefany says:

    You look fantastic and should wear your age with pride! I need to look into this vitamin as I am menopausal and need to make sure I keep my bones strong and healthy!

  29. Rosey says:

    I’m not really doing anything per say, but I have been thinking about it. This fuels the fire. 🙂

  30. Marina John says:

    I love that you’re so active! I need to get more active. I’ll look into these.

  31. Andrea Kruse says:

    You look great! I can tell you are taking care of yourself. I need to do more. I am turning 38 this year, and really should be doing more just for me. [client]

  32. Kristin K says:

    I have never been big on taking vitamins. I have always depended on western medicine to cure my aches and pains. However, I may start taking some bone and joint health supplements to ease my fibromyalgia!

  33. I never would’ve guessed you were 51! You look great! Being active and taking care of yourself sure paid off!

  34. Krystal says:

    I actually have it on my shopping list. I want to give it a try and see how it goes.

  35. This sounds like a great product. I bet my parents would be interested in something like this.

  36. Looks like a great product. My knees and ankles will likely thank me. Going to check it out!

  37. Starla B says:

    I have never thought of trying this although I do get pretty achy and sore. I will have to remember this and PS your hair is so pretty!

  38. Jasmine P says:

    Calcium intake is so important!

  39. daisy says:

    it sound good product im going to mention with my mom
    thank you

  40. Rebecca Dawkins says:

    This looks good for joint pains. I must buy them soon for my mom. Thanks so much.

  41. Evie @skin infection says:

    Nice post. It is important to stay fit and healthy.