Five Ways Social Media Can Enhance a Business

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Maintaining an effective internet presence is a fact of life for businesses in today’s world. Embracing the various trends that come and go is vital to keeping the digital presence of a company front and center in the minds of consumers.

Social media is one of those trends that has exploded onto the internet, and companies, like Sentry Energy Production, are starting to realize the powerful effects that direct interaction with customers, employees, and competitors can have. There are many ways social media can positively impact a business, and many directly relate to communication, which every business looks to improve upon.

Solicit Leads

Customers are a key element for any business, which makes finding them a pretty substantial endeavor. Social media allows companies to constantly be on the lookout for customers by engaging an audience with specific tastes and needs.

Social media pages can combine nicely with traditional webpages to optimize the digital footprint of a company. By sharing information and creating informative industry-specific posts, companies increase the chances of interacting with a new buyer.


Marketing is a constant fact for businesses of any shape and size. While purchasing advertising and coming up with new ideas can be expensive, taking a few minutes to complete a post about the company can pay huge dividends.

Plus, social media is free to use, which means it is extremely friendly to the bottom line. On a lot of occasions, a business simply interacting with customers can win serious points in the eyes of others, which makes social media a must for every company.

Share Information

Information makes the business world go around. Social media allows for relevant industry news and updates to be shared instantly. Therefore, companies can keep fans, friends, customers, and investments in the loop on virtually any kind of press release or industry breakthrough. Sharing information and helping others stay focused on a particular industry is just one way to keep fans coming back to the news feed.

Increase Fan Base

Increasing the fan base of a company is nearly identical to finding new customers. The key for social media to be effective is create a wide fan base. Casual customers and dedicated customers increase the effectiveness of posts by interacting with the page. The more likes, shares, and comments on a post the more likely it is to generate new fans.

Those fans are reached with the potential to become converted customers, which is something traditional advertising simply does not offer.

Offer Customer Support

When customers have questions, they tend to reach for the phone or email. Social media allows for instant communication to resolve problems or relay information. Not only can employees become freed up for other tasks, but providing some manner of support through social media increases the transparency of the business. Customers love companies that are not afraid to help.
Social media is helping businesses with a number of factors. The medium can help companies of all sizes share information, offer support, win fans, and locate new customers. By participating in sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more, businesses are able to interact with the people that make the entire operation possible.

Traditional advertising simply does not offer the personal and customizable message that social media does, which is why it is so popular.


  1. I do not have a blog, or own my own business…but, your list looks pretty complete!!! Marketing, blogging, and social media do make the internet world go ’round!!!

  2. these are some very great awesome tips. It would really help someone

  3. Without social networking, business would not survive in the frightening competition nowadays.

  4. I think that social media is the cornerstone to any business!! It is the way to get “the word out”. Although, there are only a handful of businesses that go too far with social media…by tracking you down, wherever you go…most of them are fine!

  5. It is definitely a good way to get your business out there!

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