Healthy Hangover Hacks to Know This Party Season

At this time of year, most people’s social calendars start to dial up a notch. From Halloween parties to the avalanche of catching up for drinks, celebrations, and office or work parties that mark out the party season.

Finding yourself drinking more regularly can derail your fitness goals, and at a time when you probably want to look your best for all the socializing.

Another thing we seem to forget when packing our calendars out is just how hard on our bodies a hangover can be. It’s not just the drinking itself, but also feeling as if you ‘need’ tonnes of unhealthy junk foods the morning after. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the best healthy hangover cures to try…

If you drink too much at a party, try these hangover hacks...

Healthy Hangover Hacks to Know This Party Season

To Begin with… Drink Less

It might sound obvious, but many of us have a strange all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to going out drinking. And regulating how much you consume on the night can help to make sure that you control this, while still having a good time.

Try alternating each alcoholic drink with a soft drink or a glass of water – not only will the extra hydration ease your symptoms the day after, but you end up consuming far fewer units overall.

If you are at home or a house party, then try a miniature bottle of wine or a can of pre-mixed spirits. When we free pour our own measures we tend to be a lot more generous, so this method ensures that you have more control over the exact amount.

Eat Some Eggs

Good old eggs are one of the best foods to reach for the morning after. They have the feel of comfort food without the greasiness of a takeaway, provide a source of clean protein and are rich in cysteine, an amino acid that helps to combat hangovers by breaking down toxins. Pair those eggs with some lemon water to boost detoxification of the liver with a big hit of vitamin C.

Get Running

It will definitely sound like the last thing you want to do, but going for a short run, having a quick game of tennis or hitting the gym for 20 minutes can really help. Getting a sweat on supports the body to detoxify itself and gives you a boost of much-needed energy – just don’t push yourself too hard and make sure you stay hydrated.

Having the right gear is essential at this time of year, so whether it’s thermal base layers or the best tennis headbands, make sure you have the right stuff in advance to make your workout go smoothly.

Investigate Herbal Remedies

There are lots of herbal supplements out there that can help to support your recovery. Weleda Nux Vom is a homoeopathic remedy make from strychnos tree extract that can help to ease hangover symptoms like a churning stomach while Rose Hip Extract contains powerful Vitamin C and even the newly popular kefir – a fermented yoghurt drink can support your immune system and digestion.