– Still 30 Billion Dollars Unclaimed

I did a post a few weeks ago after Dateline MSNBC aired the Unclaimed Property Search segment.  Well it seems that some California residents still have some extra cash coming their way. 

MSNBC wants to help you and other state’s residents ‘Claim It’.  They claim that over $30 Billion dollars is still unclaimed by millions of Americans so there is still a chance you might have some coming to you.

I checked and I couldn’t find that I have any money waiting for me but my mother has $8.00.  Yeah I know, wow a whopping 8 dollars.  But some of you may have more, maybe even a lot more.

This got me to thinking about why these shows and websites are so popular right now and I think that with today’s worries over the economy, people are more hopeful to finding extra money or money they didn’t know they had. 

So for California residents go Claim It and all other residents go to Missing Money and see if you have unclaimed money waiting on you!

Good Luck!



  2. i need to know if there any money that goverment mite own me

  3. Than you, God bless you for try to help the people in this economic and difficult situation.

  4. mail me the money.

  5. I would like to see if I’m owed any money because I did work at a military post for over 9 yrs. I don’t know what to expect of jobs and if they owed me any back pay in a few cases

  6. See if you have any lost money 20-30 years past or recently and recover your fortune. No fees are required to pay to collect money. Processing could take 180 days.

  7. I was cleaning out a lot of paper work, and found two money orders that I hadn’t sent off. One of them purchased in 1991, and the other from 1994. I would like to cash them in if at all possible.
    What do I need to do?


  8. saving account

  9. I am looking into my dad account Hilbert Peralta

  10. I am looking into my parents Delia or Hilbert Peralta missing money

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