Febreze Set & Refresh Review


Sniff. Sniff. Smell that? Nice, huh? That's the new Febreze Set & Refresh in Linen & Sky fragrance. I recently received the Febreze Set & Refresh with two Linen & Sky refills. And my son's bathroom has smelled like the fresh scent of sun-dried laundry with hints of honeysuckle. Trust me, that's much better than it usually smells.

I mean he is an 8-year-old active boy. So his bathroom doesn't always have that "fresh" cleaned smell. Now, thanks to the Febreze Set & Refresh, it does. 


The thing I really enjoy about it most is that there's no batteries or electric outlets required. You just insert the cartridge and you're done. Just enjoy the clean fragrance of fresh laundry every time you walk into the room. It slowly releases oils for 30 days — so a month worth of "mmmmm" before replacing the cartridge.

The second thing I like about the Febreze Set & Refresh is the look. It's small, unobtrusive, with a sleek modern design. Much more attractive than those cones, in my humble opinion.

And lastly, I love that it is economical and effective. If you're frugal (like me) or suffering economically like a lot of people are nowadays, you can still have your home freshners and smell them, too. Check out the Febreze Set & Refresh site and see for yourself.

I'm going out today to get the Apple Spice & Delight for my kitchen. Can't wait!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Febreze and received a Set & Refresh unit plus refills to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.