10 Tips to De-Clutter and Organize a Playroom


Where do I start? Okay, maybe I'll just put this off to later. If this is the mental conversation you have with yourself when it comes to your kid's playroom… join the crowd!

Do you find your children's playroom is just too overwhelming to deal with? Or the never-ending cleaning, picking-up, and disinfecting is more than you can handle? I'm with ya, sistah (and brotha)!

Something else that really bugs me is, when the playroom floor space is so cluttered you can't walk through the room. I have stepped on little hard/sharp Lego blocks and toys more times than I care to count. So I am thrilled with the new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks. No more cluttering up the floor space. w00t!!!!

And in that same vein, here are ten tips to help you de-clutter and organize your playroom:

A Place For Everything, And Everything In It's Place

Storage is key in a playroom. You have to have shelves, bins, cubbies… somewhere to put everything. I like open wooden bins and shelves the best. This way my son sees everything. He doesn't have to dig through things to find what he's looking for.

Use Space Wisely

Hang netting from the ceiling in the playroom to keep all those stuffed animals that threaten to take over your home. I have a friend who took those ove-the-door shoe organizers and uses it to store her daughter's Barbie dolls. It hangs on the inside of the closet down low enough so she can reach them. 

Out With The Old, In With The New

This was a hard one for me. I want to keep everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I mean every single toy, stuffed animal, book, has some special memory revolving around my son. But I know that this is a recipe for disaster. So when he gets a new toy (this does not apply to books – we are obsessed with books), he goes through his playroom and finds something he doesn't want or need anymore to donate or throw away in place of the new toy coming in.

Be More Of A Minimilist 

I know we want to get everything our kids want, but honestly, they can only play with so much. Most kids have their favorites, and so many toys never get played with. So keep the toys to a minimum. 

Let It Go

As Tim McGraw says, let it go. The real key to de-cluttering is as simple as letting it go. If your kids don't play with something or has outgrown a toy or stuffed animal… it's time to let it go. This is a great lesson to teach your kids at a young age. As I mentioned earlier, I have a difficult time letting things go. So I'm teaching my son how to let things go (this applies to more than just material things, too). We go through the playroom at least twice a year to find things to donate or throw away.

Set Up Stations

Keep art and craft supplies in one area of the playroom and all the musical instruments in a music nook. If there is designated areas in the playroom, it keeps the room more organized.

After Play, Put Away

Teach your child that after he has finished playing with a toy, that he has to put it back in it's place before getting something else out to play with. This will keep the playroom manageable.

Label It

Whether you use a label maker, pictures of the items to be stored, or color coding, this is a good way of keeping things where they're suppose to be.

Artwork – Why Not Book It

I find it easier, neater, and a great way to keep all their artwork is to make a portfolio. You can let the kids help make and decorate the cover; and if you don't want to put hole punches in some of their work you can glue/tape it onto construction paper. Also, clear folders/binders will work, too.

Repurpose or Recycle

Use empty diaper wipe containers and shoe boxes for small items like crayons and/or paints, glue, and scissor storage. And the over-the-door shoe and jewelry organizers you may have, are great to repurpose as toy organizers in your kid's playroom.

I'll also add a number eleven to this list, and that's to take a few minutes every day to wipe down with a disinfectant and sweep or vacuum the floors. It really will only take a few minutes a day if you get into the habit of doing it, every day.

I hope you find these ideas useful. And if you have a tip to share with on de-cluttering and organizing your children's playroom, please share it with us!

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