How to Stand Out When Advancing Careers in Finance & Accounting

By now, you have probably mastered all the resume tricks that help your accomplishments stand out. To gain even more ground as you work toward your next position in accounting or finance careers, you need to understand what information to feature most prominently on your resume and how to strategize your job search so that you can find better leads on opportunities. It all starts with the way you represent yourself.

A stand-out resume for a career in accounting and finance
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Measurable Results, Clear Deliverables

If you refine your application materials until every accomplishment comes with specific, measurable results, you will be able to find your competitive level quickly, and as you make bigger and bigger waves in the industry, you will be able to update your application materials with more and more impressive results.

This lets your prospective employer understand exactly how much you can save them or make them if they bring you on board.

Finding Leads That Get Results

The other side of advancing in the industry is knowing where to go for the best leads on jobs. That means finding local resources, including partnerships with recruiting professionals who have the inside knowledge you need to get results.

The Los Angeles finance recruiters at Beacon Resources can provide that knowledge and our representatives place qualified applicants in a variety of interim, temporary, and permanent positions in the following fields:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Payroll Management

That includes a variety of different accounting and financial analysis positions like tax accountant and senior financial analyst. Your recruiter is your gateway to new positions and more experience in the field, which is your key to improving the deliverables on your resume.

As your experience grows and your resume reflects it, recruiters will also work to place you in opportunities that fit your newly developed talents.

Start Working With Industry Professionals That Get Results 

Beacon Resources is ready to help you find your next finance or accounting position. A professional Los Angeles staffing company is the highly recommended! All you need to do is call us today at (844) 500-8100.