Be Active with Confidence + Save Big with Ibotta #GoPadFree

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Poise ® Impressa ® and Walmart. All opinions are 100% my own.

Something happened shortly after I had my son. I peed. Well, of course, I peed. What I mean is… I peed unexpectedly.

I peed when I should not have peed.

I wanted to start exercising as soon as I could after giving birth, but no one told me that after having a child I might pee my pants when I was active, or for that matter, sneezed, coughed, and laughed.


I was going to go for a light jog, and out of the blue, I experienced what I didn’t know at that moment, but later learned was LBL or light bladder leakage.

It’s a real thing. It happens to many women all over the world, especially after pregnancy.

Be active with confidence with Poise Impressa #gopadfree #livepadfree #padfreelife

Be Active With Confidence

I was embarrassed when it first started happening to me. You may experience LBL and be embarrassed, too, but we shouldn’t be. It really is normal. You are not alone.

And thanks to Poise ®, I definitely don’t have to be embarrassed any longer. With products like Poise ® Impressa ®, I can now be active with confidence.

Be active with confidence with Poise Impressa #gopadfree #livepadfree #padfreelife

What I love most as a menopausal woman who doesn’t have periods anymore is being confident pad free. I’m past wearing pads, so I sure don’t want to start wearing them again.

Poise Impressa Sizing Kit from Walmart Ibotta app for cash back #gopadfree #livepadfree #padfreelife

Be active with confidence with Poise Impressa and get cash back using Ibotta #gopadfree #livepadfree #padfreelife

What Impressa® does, is stops leaks BEFORE they happen. You can also wear Impressa® for up to 12 hours. This means you can be active and go about your business every day without worries.

If you experience light bladder leakage, I hope that you will give Poise ® Impressa® a try and start living your lives to the fullest. Don’t let LBL ruin your active lifestyle or be embarrassed every time you sneeze, cough, or laugh.

I buy Poise ® Impressa ® at Walmart in the feminine hygiene area or order them from I usually purchase the Poise ® Impressa ® Sizing Kit because I can actually wear the size 1 and 2, and I give my mom the size 3. So it just works best for me. You can get Poise ® Impressa ® Bladder Supports in the size that fits you best, though.

If you don’t have Ibotta on your smartphone yet, be sure to download and install the Ibotta app and use it before you go into Walmart.

Cash back on Ibotta app for Poise Impressa #gopadfree #livepadfree #padfreelife

Get cash back when you shop at Walmart for Poise Impressa using Ibotta #gopadfree #livepadfree #padfreelife

Ibotta Offer

Learn more about Poise ® Impressa ® Sizing Kit and Poise ® Impressa ® Bladder Supports to see which one is the best for you.

Note:  The Ibotta offer is not applicle on the Size Packs because it’s not a 6 count.