Alternatives to Home Chef for Home Food Delivery

If you are searching for at home food delivery services, Home Chef is one of the top companies you can order from. But, if you are simply looking to give a few new foods a try, or want an alternative at a lower price, there are other alternatives you can choose from as well.

Here are two of the many companies which are going to offer great food, if you want to give a new option a try in lieu of Home Chef.

Home Chef Alternatives to home food delivery services

Alternatives to Home Chef for Home Food Delivery

Blue Apron

With meals for one, for two, or for the family, you can decide how much or little you order with them. They offer free shipping on the weekly food they ship to your home.

The subscription service comes every week, but you can opt out at any time. Kale and soft-boiled eggs, cheeseburgers, and great meal dessert options are available with this company. Gourmet for a reasonable price.

Hello Fresh 

They offer a box for two, veggie box for two, or food for the family. You can choose vegetarian meals, you can choose the frequency of the delivery, and you can manage a flexible subscription with them.

If you are a picky eater, you can go in and manually change out a few of the options for the week, so they only deliver the foods you want to eat with the subscription you decide to go with.

They do account for calories and offer lower sodium options; you can also cancel with them at any time if you choose.

Home food delivery service alternatives to Home Chef...

There are several great home delivery subscription services you can choose from. If you would like learn more then visit

Whether you don’t like to cook, are looking for something that will help with calorie intake, or simply wish to eat gourmet meals from the comfort of your home, you can do so with these subscription based delivery service companies.