How to Save Money When Painting the Exterior of Your House

Painting the exterior of your home can without a doubt increase the value of your house over time.

However, the problem here is that most of us are busy stressing about how much it is going to cost and end up not doing it altogether.

Let us examine how you can go about it all without having to pay over the top.

painting exterior
Couple painting the exterior of a home.

Save Money Painting the Exterior of Your House


That’s right. Grab the right tools for the job and head out there. Roll up your sleeves and get to work on the walls of your house.

Even if you have never done it before, do not be afraid. The thing about bad paint jobs is that they can always be painted over.

Get a handyman

The thing about handymen is that they know a little about everything. If you have never set up a ladder before, they will help you put one up in a way that avoids injuries to friends and family. If you need them to mix some paints for you, then, no problem.

They will without a doubt be equal to the task. And since they charge on the low end, you will be glad that you got help on the cheap without having to sign a contract.

Get the family to help

Summer or during school breaks, we have family members at home more often. If that’s the case, take advantage of it and grab a family member or two to help and turn it into a fun family painting project.

With a couple of brushes and a few extra hands, you are going to see the exterior of your house transformed in no time.

If a couple of people are jittery about getting things done, lead by example. Go to the toolshed, get the ladder, and have them hand the paints over to you.

If they don’t want to be in the thick of it all, you could simply have them help with the clean up after you’re done painting your exterior. Clean up doesn’t require any skill at all, or does it?