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If you want to be a recognized author on the Internet, then you need to make an author page that people can go to. This page will tell people about what you do, it can show articles you have written and it will make it easier for people to contact you to hire or follow you. Many top online writers have going jobs or gigs from their author page because people liked their style of writing. Follow these tips, and you will be able to make the best WordPress author page.

HTML Plugins

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Black Studio TinyMCE Widget combined with Ultimate TinyMCE plugin

You can easily change the font type and many other elements of your page if you use the right plugin. Black Studio TinyMCE and Rich Text Tags are two popular HTML plugins that will allow you to easily change your author page. This is essential if you want to get hired because you can personalize the page to make people feel a certain way.

Author Page Layout

There are two ways of approaching an author page layout. You can either setup a unique landing page that stands on its own, or you can improve on the template that shows a list of your most recent posts. The latter is the best when making an author page. Some people will stumble upon your author page by accident, or they may just have a vague idea of who you are. Showing a list of posts allows them to see more of your writing.
Wordpress automatically lists your most recent posts. Just make sure you are using the recent posts widget to make this appear on the page. You can find this under “Appearances” and then “Widgets.”
You should also build this page so that it talks about you and your experiences. People want to know about who you are, and this is the perfect way to tell them. You should also include your contact information. This allows someone to contact you if he or she wants to hire you.

Build Trust

You should link to your resume, and you should also link to your social network pages. Your resume will show people your professional experience, and your social network pages will show your everyday conduct.
WP Resume is a good plugin for adding a resume to your author page. You should also use the social networking plugins that are named after the social network itself. For example, the Facebook plugin will show your Facebook posts. Just link to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for the best effect.


Improving SERPs

The first way to improve your SERPs is to use an SEO plugin like All in One SEO. This allows you to set keywords and meta tags for your post, and this can help your search engine exposure.


The best thing you can do is optimize your Google+ author status. Google+ is now being used as a big factor for SEO, and adding your author photo near your search engine result personalizes the page. You should use the WP Google Authorship plugin to easily personalize your page.
Optimizing your WordPress author page is really like optimizing any other page. Just add in your keywords, make sure all the meta information targets your post and you should get some exposure.

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Juliana is a Community Manager for a Web Hosting company InMotion Hosting based out of Los Angeles. She develops content based on Web 2.0 design and ‘Socialization’ of websites to help webmasters become more community engaged and further their own potential. You can follow her on Twitter @JulianaPayson and google plus  for Social Media Optimization tips.


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