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how to start a home business

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Working from home is an idea that is slowly but surely getting popular with many people. The desire to have one’s own business continues to burn in many people, but they have no idea of how to start a home business. When determining how to start a home business, the first step one should take is to choose the type of business they want to engage in. One can ask for ideas from people they know with home businesses, they can come up with their own ideas, or they can work on the business ideas that are already there.

The next step when researching on starting a home business is knowing one’s target market and the competition, fairly in-and-out as well. Some of the things to consider are traits of customers and if people need the product that one is offering or if there is too much of it in the market. The owner also needs to know how they can stand out from the competition. One should ensure that they can do needed tasks such as marketing, bookkeeping, ordering, setting appointments, checking and replaying of mails, filing, answering phones and so on, before they start their home business as well.

The owner should then list the things they need for their home business and this includes power needs, adequate room, nature of equipment and inventory among others. Being able to understand the legal barriers should be the next step in starting a home business and this includes things like zoning laws. The owner of the business should then review the insurance needs of the home business they want to start in case of any accidents. Among the insurances are health insurance and small business insurance. The business owner may also need an auto insurance and liability insurance.

The next step to start a home business is to evaluate the risks concerned with the business. The owner of the business should then determine the cost of starting the business and get the money from different sources. Such sources include banks, loans and friends and relatives. The owner should gauge their family’s support for the business as well before they start, as it is vital. This is because the family might help with things that the owner might not be able to handle. After making sure everything is in its right place, the owner should then open their business to potential clients.

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    1. Author

      @Liz – indeed. I’ve seen friends really make it and prosper from home businesses. I’ve also seen a couple jump head first, and… sink. 🙁

  1. Great tips, I totally consider myself a wahm and plan to do more with it.

  2. I’m about to start my 3rd at home venture and all the points noted above are important. I must say that my second venture was a Direct Sale business and it was a much easier start-up that my first which was a from-scratch venture. Direct sales is a great way to have your own at home business if you can find a company and product that you like and not needed it keep inventory is a big plus.

  3. Hello, Donna:

    Thanks for posting this interesting article from Brad. I agree that advance planning is one of the keys to success. A home business enthusiast needs to clearly know what type of business is best for them, and who their target market is going to be.

    🙂 GT Bulmer
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