Woman Suing Ex Boyfriend Over Humiliating Newspaper Ad

Tennessee woman Tammy Lapoint of Mount Juliet, TN, is embarrassed over add placed in paper.  A man who lashed out at his fiancée in a local newspaper for breaking up with him is facing harassment charges.

On July 9, an announcement by Paul Lee Dunkel, better known as' Pauly Bear', in a local newspaper announced that his fiancee had dumped him.

In the paid ad, Dunkel said "he's happy the couple's engagement was broken and called the relationship a nightmare."

Lapoint's attorney says Dunkel also posted comments on Cragslist in their rants and raves section.  And a Nashville radio station gave Dunkel air time.

Lapoint says first off they were never engaged, he spelled her name wrong, he has no family and they never had children together.  She says that he is a stalker and she has been terribly humiliated by the ad.  She is suing him for harassment.  However, the harassment warrant against him has not been served.

Check the interview with Fox & Friends.


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