10 Scariest Escapes From Death – Dateline

Ten most daring and amazing rescues caught on tape on Dateline.nbc tonight, July 28, 2008.  Footage of 10 white-knuckle rescues is presented.

If you didn’t get a chance to see these daring escapes from death and amazing rescues you can click on each of the 10 below to watch them.

10.  Washed away – A tourist in Hawaii is swept off a cliff and into crashing waves.

  9.  Toddler falls into well – A young boy in Kansas disappears into a deep, unguarded well near his house.

  8.  Holiday hike – A hike goes terribly wrong on the rustic foothills of Southern California.

  7. Stuck in the sky – A new pilot and his passenger lose control of their plane when it suddenly runs out of fuel.

  6.  Too close for comfort – A fishing trip turns deadly when the boat is sucked dangerously close to a dam.

  5.  School children fall into ice – Children slip through an icy pond and send rescuers scrambling.

  4. Raging fire in N.Y. theater district – New York’s bravest stages a thrilling rescue on a busy street.

  3.  Men overboard! – Two salvagers go overboard when their boat is stuck in the icy Bering Sea.

  2.  Roadside worker disappears in ditch – A freak accident befalls a worker trying to unclog a roadside ditch.

  1.  Inches from death at Niagara Falls – A suicidal man teeters on the brink of one of the most powerful waterfalls.

I could see why the suicidal man at Niagara Falls was number one.  He obviously realized he didn’t want to die, but wow, what a wild and crazy way to attempt suicide!

These death defying rescues are definitely amazing to watch.  I can only imagine how it must have been to have actually lived these experiences.  In each of these cases the victims were so close to death and thankfully were rescued by brave and courageous heroes.