Wife Insurance… The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make!

Guest Post

WifeInsuranceImage1 5 29 2012

Of course marrying your wife should be one of the best decisions of your life, guaranteed with a neat and tidy home and perfectly cooked meals every night for the rest of your life. This sounds like the perfect scenario, and in some cases, husbands get just as they deserve and find the prefect wife who will treat them how they deserve to be treated.

Some hardworking and honest men are less fortunate and marry a wife who malfunctions after just a few short years of marriage. Wife malfunction is one of the worst things that can happen to a man; your meals aren’t cooked to perfection, your house isn’t clean and your wife isn’t presented beautifully each day upon your return from work.

These things are not a lot to ask for, especially for such hardworking men, however it is important to cover yourself from the effects of wife malfunction by getting the right wife insurance before it is too late.

Why Wife Insurance?

Wife Insurance is the only company that currently covers the malfunctions of wives in the home, however due to the roaring success it will only be a matter of time before other companies follow closely behind!

Unless you have the abilities of a superhero, balls of steel and can tame a raging bull, we suggest that you all have wife insurance; because these are just a few of the skills needed to control your wife, should she malfunction.

Wife Insurance provides over ten different solutions specifically designed to be tailored for every husband’s needs, including ironing cover, emergency alibi, work retreat cover and directions and spatial awareness cover – although we suggest getting insurance for all of these because you never know what they crazy dame might do next!

If you’re not satisfied with that, then check out what the husbands have to say!

What do the Husbands have to say?

All husbands who have taken out wife insurance say that it is the best investment they have ever made. No more sleepless nights, worrying about the moment when your wife will malfunction, as you rest easy, knowing that you are covered.

Wife insurance holds testimonials stating that it has saved marriages, with one husband saying he lost 17 kilos in the first 6 months after marriage because of his wife’s horrible cooking! With the help of Wife Insurance he was able to eat normal again.

Don’t sacrifice your marriage, your quality of living or a clean and tidy house, simply because your wife has malfunctioned; instead choose wife insurance to provide cover when you need it the most.

Reduce the risk of marriage and ensure that you have a happy and prosperous marriage. (In case you haven’t realized yet, it’s all a joke!)

This hilariously funny take on the boring topic of life insurance was put together by the team at Lifebroker. Check out the full Wife Insurance website for the rest of the laughs, with policies for malfunctioning wives, husband insurance and more things that are sure to put a smile on the faces of husbands and wives everywhere!