How to Avoid the Dangers Lurking in Your Public Pool (Infographic)

I remember going to the public pool as a child and teenager. I loved it. I spent most of the summers of my junior and senior years in high school at our public pool. It was a blast! Of course, kids (even teens) don’t think about the safety and sanitary conditions of a pool. Not really. Just as long as it appears to look clean… it’s suntans, and belly flops away.

As an adult, and more importantly a mother, I’m very concerned about the dangers lurking in public pools. In fact, I haven’t been to a public pool, except for a couple of pool parties, for many years.

However, you don’t have to be afraid of public pools, just educate yourself and know what to ask, and look for this summer when you visit a public pool. Check out this infographic (yes, it’s disgusting and gross) that will help you learn how to protect yourself and your family this summer. Safe swimming my friends!

The Dangers Lurking In Your Public Pool

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