Why Choose Earth Friendly All Purpose Cleaners

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Why choose earth friendly all purpose cleaners

It is often pointed out that chemical cleaners may have an adverse effect on the skin or on the environment. In conformity with the global trend for producing earth friendly products, manufacturers in the cleaning products industry increasingly often come out with eco friendly cleaners. These cleaners have already proved to be favorite to many people who are not fond of chemical cleaners.

Modern green all purpose cleaners are non toxic. Furthermore, they can clean almost all types of surfaces. They can equally well clean floors and walls, worktops and tiles. There is one more advantage of such cleaners – they do not require the rinsing of the surfaces. All that people need to do with them is spray them, and then wipe the surface clean.

Yet one advantage of green all purpose cleaners is that they do not include artificial fragrances or synthetic dyes. They do not contain ammonia, chlorine bleach, or petroleum derived ingredients.

More and more people should be aware of the advantages of earth friendly all purpose cleaners, so that they can be able to make a wise choice and not only be able to clean different surfaces in their homes, but will also pose no risk to the environment.

People who would like to rely on old, time tested green cleaners such as castile soap, baking soda, or vinegar, can decide in favor of these substances which are found in every home. But they should also try some of the new green all purpose cleaners which are offered on the market, to be able to find out about their advantages and eco friendliness in practice.

People should learn more about the composition of green all purpose cleaners, to see that nature has a lot to offer in terms of cleaning from its rich palette of substances. There are botanically based cleaners which can deal with even the strongest dirt and grime, and clean both chrome fixtures and kitchen worktops with infallible efficiency.

why choose earth friendly all purpose cleaners

There are also cleaners which combine the advantages of aromatherapeutic oils and other ingredients which are plant to combine them into efficient, safe and eco friendly cleaners.

Green cleaners can also be offered as solvent free products, which means that they contain no ethers, alcohol, or ammonia, and they are pH neutral. Such cleaners are especially efficient for the cleaning of acrylic or plastic surfaces.

Parsley use is not confined to salads, but it can also be a component of green cleaners. Such cleaners are plant based and feature pH neutrality. They can clean virtually any home surface, worktops, ovens, wooden decks, walls, and many more. Chewing gum, tar, tree sap and other horrible sticky substances can all be cleaned with such cleaners, and there is no residue left by it.

There are also green cleaning products which efficiently kill mildew and molds, and a lot of bacteria, including odor inducing ones. People who need to clean their toilets or bathrooms can take advantage of such earth friendly cleaners.

The variety of green cleaners on the market is expanding. With the added benefit of not polluting the environment, they should be the wise choice of cleaners for all home cleaning purposes.

Stella Benett is a 32 years old passionate blogger and freelancer but before all she is a lovely mother and wife. As every housewife Stella has no free time and often does a lot of things at the same time. She loves cleaning her house in Brondesbury because it gives her a sense of ‘pleasure’ and ‘achievement’.


  1. I really only use soap and water to clean. Or vinegar and baking soda! 🙂

  2. We use an amazing brand that is earth friendly.

  3. I love using earth friendly cleaners & do so whenever possible.

  4. Great cleaning tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Now I just need someone to clean for me 😉

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