What were you scared of as a kid? – 5QF


I can't believe it's June already. I am so happy that my son is on Summer break… it is much needed. I'm going to join in on the Five Question Friday meme from time to time… I love this Friday's questions. I LOVE that it's Friday! Happy Friday and I hope y'all have a wonderfull weekend!

1. What were you scared of as a kid?

Mice/Rats. Still am I suffer from musophobia.

2. Do you sleep well in a hotel?

Definitely not the first night. Honestly, I don't like staying in hotels, and usually if possible, we stay in condos or extended stays, etc. Just one room with a bed(s) in it, makes it difficult for me to relax in. Never had trouble with hotel rooms before I had my son, though.

3. If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who and why?

Okay it's a celebrity, because I would definitely say, Martin Luther King, Jr., because what an honor it would be to sit with him and listen to him speak. So for a celebrity, I'd say, Adele, and hopefully she would sing for me. 

4. It's a hot summer day. Do you prefer to be pool side or at the beach?

Depends. I love the beach, and like to spend some time on the beach at least once during the summer. However, just any hot summer day, I'd have to say pool. It's easier. And I don't have to worry about the sand in all my nooks and crannies. 🙂

5. What is your favorite summer dish?

I love salads and anything fresh out of the garden. I enjoy grilling shrimp, chicken, steaks, hamburgers and hotdogs. I love watermelon. I love light and refreshing drinks. Ah, summer food!

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