What is Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

It is that time where every channel on our TVs has some Christmas theme show on… from your favorite sitcom, drama and Christmas specials to the Christmas movies – old and new.  My hubby and I were talking about which Christmas movie was our favorite and I got the idea to see what were the favorite Christmas movies of some of my online friends.

Once again with the help of Bridget at GSW Social Network, the ladies from GSW, as well as some Twitter users, I posed this question;  What is your favorite Christmas or holiday movie?  Here are some of the responses I received:

MV5BMjA4MzIzNTI1NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTU3NTYxMg@@._V1._CR0,0,580,580_SS80_ Paula from It’s Only Words says her favorite movie is The Muppet Christmas Carol. Which she finds funny yet strangely touching.

AChristmasStory Tim over at Soge Shirts says his favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story.  

HowtheGrinchStole Bridget from The Get Smart Blog couldn’t decide on just one… It’s A Wonderful Life with James Stewart and How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon).  Her choice of It’s A Wonderful Life is one of my favorites as well.

Elf My friend Michael over at BML says his favorite Christmas movie is Elf.  In fact, Michael and his friends have started a tradition,

Me and my friends get together to imitate Will Ferrell chugging that 2 liter bottle of coke to see who burps the loudest. Then we eat lots of candy. That’s what Christmas is about. Sugar rush and exchanging presents like socks, razors, and Old Spice cologne. Or Brut. Or English Leather. Basically bottom shelf toiletries.

ChristmasVacation Jenny from The Style PA says, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation… without a doubt.  This is also my other favorite Christmas movie.  I love watching Christmas Vacation every year.  Chevy Chase is absolutely hilarious!  It’s not Christmas unless I get to watch it.

ItsAWonderfullife Greg from Nerd Beach says he has two favorites, A Christmas Story, which seems to be popular with the guys, and It’s A Wonderful Life.  Here is what Greg said about his two favorite movies,

Christmas Story – love the delivery, the point of view.  You get to feel sorry for Ralphie, who is just trying to get by.  And his dad is so helpless but doesn’t know it.  Then you have the leg lamp, which is priceless. The cussing storm by Ralphie, everyone telling him he’ll put his eye out. just a great movie

Wonderful Life – its a very warm story, gives hope to everyone that they have made a difference. No matter how bad things get, you are helping the situation by trying.  Plus it is jimmy Stewart at some of his best.

MiracleOn34th Theresa at Get Smart Women, had this to say,

I like the Scrooge, the funny one and the not so funny one and I like the one with the bell and the guy who no one remembered and I think I like the one that’s on some street you know with the little girl and the Santa Clause. Okay that my pick.

Translation… I think the two Scrooge movies may be the one with Bill Murray in Scrooged and George C. Scott in Christmas Carol.  As for the "bell and the guy who no one remembered", I think that is It’s A Wonderful Life.  And finally, "on some Street you know with the little girl and the Santa Clause", I believe this is Miracle on 34th Street.

Theresa, your response was definitely the most fun!  Thank you for your contribution.

I think it is safe to say that It’s A Wonderful Life is probably the most popular movie around Christmas.  It is a classic story that never grows old.  I will be watching it on Christmas Eve.  I would love to know what your favorite Christmas movie is… so please share it with us.

Here at Blog by Donna, we wish you a Merry Christmas, a Wonderful Holiday and a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!

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  1. Okay I have to say I thought Theresa’s answer was funny also! Maybe we should start a segment where she tells us some movies she likes and we have to guess what movies they are. Great list here Donna!

  2. @Bridget: That does sound fun! I love games… Theresa are you up for it? 🙂

  3. @feathermaye: Thanks for stopping by – I live Miracle On 34th Street as well. I come by on Friday. 🙂 Sounds fun!

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