Survivor Gabon Finale


The players left on Season 17 of Survivor Gabon are Robert ‘Bob’ Crowley, Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper, Matty Whitmore, Ken ‘Kenny’ Hoang and Susie Smith.


My first choice to win the million tonight on Survivor Gabon is Bob.  I think he has played the game… and played the game well.  He has been the biggest surprise of season 17.  He had the things going against from the start that normally would have had him voted out from the start.

Bob is the oldest player and his appearance is that of someone lacking physical strength.  It is definitely to Bob’s advantage that he is in the stronger Kota tribe.  And week after week Bob proves more of a formidable player.  He is smart and resourceful and sweet and kind.  And just a bit sneaky and manipulative.

My favorite episodes of this season is when Bob, not once but twice, made fake immunity idols (that looked as good as the real thing, by the way) and tricked two of his fellow tribe mates.  Although the second fake immunity idol didn’t work… primarily because Corrine knew it was a fake. 

With all these characteristics I feel Bob can and should win Season 17’s Survivor Gabon.  He could definitely go into the immunity idol making business!


That being said, I am fine with Sugar winning as well.  I consider her a close (very close) second.  From the beginning Sugar was one of my favorites.  Sugar has played the game very well.  She found the immunity idol when she was chosen to go to Exile Island.  The previous week Dan the lawyer, couldn’t find it. 

Sugar held onto that idol until the end.  This past Thursday was the last tribal council where it could be used.  She very smartly used it to save Matty and get Crystal voted out.

One of the reasons I really enjoy watching Sugar is that she seems to be truly having fun.  I think she really is enjoying herself.  I know it has been a  pleasure to watch Sugar this season.


My last choice for the final three is Matty.  I wouldn’t be upset if he won.  I don’t think he is as deserving as Bob and Sugar… but I could live with him winning.  There is something about Matty I’ve liked this season.

My favorite scene with Matty is when he proposed to his girlfriend on episode.  Although I wouldn’t think his situation to be romantic by a long shot… somehow, he made it romantic.  He just seems like a real sweetheart.

My real problem with Matty, is that over the last couple of weeks he got a bit whiney.  Not an attractive trait in a person (especially a man). 

The Rest

So here you have my final 3.  As for Kenny and Susie, I would be the most disappointed by Susie winning.  She has done nothing but fly under the radar.  She hasn’t played the game.

I want to see someone who can Outwit, Outplay and Outlast the rest of the contestants win the game.

Who do you want to win Survivor Gabon?  Are you happy with who won?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Hope to hear from you! 

I’ll have my popcorn and watching to see if my favorite wins.  You can watch Survivor Gabon – Season 17 finale tonight, December 14, 2008, on CBS at 8:00 EST.